Filtering Web Content Using an MDM Solution

Filtering Web Content Using an MDM Solution

Mosyle Team
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In today’s day in age, kids and teenagers have access to the internet and all that it has to offer at all times - from knowledge that helps them learn and develop important skills to dangerous websites and threats to their privacy and security.

Since Technology goes hand in hand with education today, schools have to face this important challenge of teaching kids and teenagers to use the Internet in the best way possible for learning purposes while also avoiding dangerous websites.

In addition, the use of Apple Devices like Apple TV’s, iPad’s, and Mac’s in schools can be distracting to students, the lessons itself, lectures and the entire learning experience if they are not properly managed and integrated keeping in mind the learning and technology goals.

That's why it is so important to manage what the students are able to have access to on the Web when they are at school. In this article, we are going to be going over how you can solve this with the help of effective mobile device management (MDM) Solution tools, such as Web Filter management profile, Proxy, and Firewall. These tools can be beneficial to the learning experience by helping the students pay attention and become more involved with the lesson or lecture.

Read on to find out more about Web Content Filtering and make sure to Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

How you can filter web content using an MDM solution

Filtering Web Content is essential to protecting the students while making sure they are focused on the lessons, and you can execute this process through your school's devices by blocking different types of inappropriate content that is not suitable or may be dangerous for teenagers and students. This is done with the success from the tools you have access to, either using an MDM solution or other softwares.

One of the tools you can definitely use to filter content from the web is the Web Filter Management Profile available on mobile device management solutions. This is a tool available on Mosyle Manager - an MDM designed just for K-12 Schools and Districts - and is a very important tool in order to properly filter web content.

This feature allows you to remotely manage the websites' domains that specific grade levels, courses and/or specific students or shared iPads carts will be able to have access to during classes. This can be done by creating two different Web Filter Management Profiles: "Allowed Domains" and "Blocked Domains".

And what about proxies? The Proxy itself acts as a sort of “middle-man” for the requests that come from the internet. It also adds more privacy and protects the schools connection. However, it can impact the device deployment itself. For example, the more advanced and intricate the Proxy is, the harder it will be to setup the Wifi Authentication on the iPad’s.

The Firewall is another tool that will be used. The Firewall itself can block certain sites on the devices similar to the Web Filter Management Profile available on the MDM solution - which is a great thing if you want to apply the same restrictions to all the devices that are connected to the network.

However the Firewall can block domains - such as news or even social media - that can be integrated into lessons by educators in order to develop important skills. As it is applied to the network connection, they are not able to access those websites. But using the Web Filter available on the MDM, you are able to allow access to this website for particular courses and block them for other students.

In addition, there is the chance that the firewall and proxy will be blocking the connection between the devices and the MDM itself. This is why it’s very important to make sure your network configurations are set up properly. When using Mosyle Manager, we do recommend that when releasing domains, that you release the following domains in order for Mosyle to work properly:

Wildcard: *

You can also configure using FQDN: - -

Combining the MDM capabilities to protect your students even more

The Combination of these tools and a great MDM solution will be able to assure that students will be able to continue to learn using the Apple devices they’re familiar with while blocking the access to any bad sites or inappropriate information. Making sure that the students are being protected by any information that is malicious is essential to continuing to grow, provide and help the educational environment.

If already using Mosyle Manager, there is a feature we would like to recommend that you can start using, this feature is called Study Sites. Study Sites will allow teachers to customize the access to certain websites based on the lessons. When this feature is enabled it will only allow the designated students and their Apple devices to access the websites that have been listed in this feature. This feature can be applied using Mosyle Class Manager.

These tools and the power of an MDM Solution will be able to allow the Admin to continue ensuring that the students stay focused during class time, lessons and lectures. By blocking and protecting students from certain sites, we can continue to focus on improving the overall learning experience.

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