What is User Approved MDM Enrollment on Macs?

What is User Approved MDM Enrollment on Macs?

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Many IT Admins are asking themselves how the User Approved MDM Profile for a device enrolled outside of Automated Device Enrollment can continue to help them strengthen the security of Mac computers.

In this article, we’ll be going over this concept and how it benefits you while managing and deploying Mac computers in your school or district with the help of a mobile device management (MDM) solution.

What is User Approved MDM?

A User Approved MDM (or UAMDM) gives added privileges to an MDM software that can go beyond what is allowed for the previous macOS MDM type of enrollment. This was created to improve the security on the Mac and was made available starting with macOS High Sierra (10.13.2).

User Approval is required to manage any type of Security settings on a Mac computer being managed by the MDM solution enrolled outside of Automated Device Enrollment.

UAMDM also allows an Admin to whitelist the Kernel Extensions, or KEXT for short — which are just modules of codes that connect into the OS of the Mac to perform various tasks. This is one of the main benefits of using the User Approved MDM option when managing Apple Devices.

Managing KEXT: the main benefit of User Approved MDM Enrollment

The major benefits of having a User Approved MDM on the managed Mac’s in your school or district will not be having to approve Kernel Extensions every time they pop up while using one of the applications installed on the Mac.

Having the Mac User Approved allows for the Kernel Extension to be whitelisted in advance instead of manually having to approve it each time on every Mac computer, helping to build the best learning experience while using the Mac for educational purposes — without any interruptions.

Mosyle Manager is made for Schools and fully support User Approved Enrollments

Having an effective mobile device management (MDM) solution made exclusively for schools and districts in your corner to help you will make this an easier task for your team.

With the help of Mosyle Manager, you are able to enroll Mac computers using User Approved Enrollment and create the Kernel Extensions management profiles that will be installed on each device remotely so you don’t have to spend your time manually doing it for each and every device in the school or district.

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