tvOS 11: New Great Tools to Manage Apple TVs using Mosyle Manager MDM

tvOS 11: New Great Tools to Manage Apple TVs using Mosyle Manager MDM

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Many schools and districts that are already using iPads in the classroom have also deployed Apple TVs, since together they can further enhance the learning experience and bring even more dynamism to lessons and activities.

Apple made major improvements and new powerful management features available through tvOS 11 to support you in remotely configuring Apple TVs. It will definitely help you deploy those devices in your school, and Mosyle Manager – our mobile device management (MDM) solution for education – is completely ready to support the new functionalities!

Important note: The MDM tools require device Supervision to work properly. With tvOS 11, Apple TVs are not supervised by default – so remember to do the Supervision process by enrolling the device in DEP or using Apple Configurator 2 (if DEP is not available in your country/region).

What's new to manage Apple TVs?

Allowed/Blocked Apps

With tvOS 11, you can create Allowed and Blocked Apps lists for your Apple TVs – in the same easy way you already use in Mosyle Manager for iOS. Create the list of apps by navigating to Management > Allowed/Blocked Apps.

Home Layout

We’ve received great feedback from our customers about the Drag & Drop capabilities to organize the layout of applications and folders on iPads. With the new version of tvOS, the Home Layout is also available for Apple TVs. To create the profile, navigate to Management > Home Layout within the tvOS MDM platform.

AirPlay Security

tvOS 11 made a new AirPlay Security profile possible by designating which admins are able to set up security requirements for AirPlay. It’s possible to set a first-time passcode, passcode, or password. You can also configure if the devices will be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or not. Set up the profile by navigating to Management > AirPlay Security.

Check out the new restrictions available with tvOS 11:

School admins are now able to restrict access to types of content in the Apple TV. The new restrictions available with tvOS 11 are pretty similar to the already known iOS restrictions. To apply any of them using Mosyle Manager, navigate to Management > Restrictions.

Check out all the possibilities provided by tvOS 11:

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