Tips to improve Professional Development about MDM features for the staff and teachers

Tips to improve Professional Development about MDM features for the staff and teachers

Mosyle Team
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Professional Development is key to growth - no matter the field. When it comes to education, or the development of teachers, there are some important things to consider. Maybe there are some questions that need to be asked or even making sure people are on the same page about the learning goals.

By meetings, ways of training - these may also fix problems like the lack of knowledge using an MDM solution in the classroom, new to an MDM in general if your school is deploying these types of tools or being unsure of how to operate it and combine it with your lessons.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some tips and advice on how to guide teachers through the process of utilizing tools provided by the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. We will be going over some of the best ways to engage teachers and explain the features and tools that they have, to better educate their students using technology. Lets dig in!

Engage Teachers and IT Staff during Trainings

One of the best things to do with your staff is making sure everyone is on the same page when the school year begins, start with getting them all together for a meeting! What we mean by this is - as an IT Admin, you have to make sure that all of the teachers and staff are able to run the MDM Solution for their classes. So by getting the entire staff together to show how the new EdTech tools work and how the Teachers can implement their lessons using these platforms.

Another great tip for the development of your staff is to work on the weaknesses that they may have. Making sure that all of the staff are comfortable enough to help each other grow and come closer while helping each other overcome their weakness to better teach, train and develop and provide great lessons to their students.

Exploring the strengths of the teachers is very important for a few reasons. The first being with confidence. When the teacher is confident in their strengths, they can better relay the information and help, let’s say that another teachers weakness is your strength, it will help out with making sure all teachers are motivated. If the teachers are motivated, it helps the students get motivated.

Coach educators on how teaching using Technology

To most - if not all students, using an iPad is very familiar. They are knowledgeable on the device inside and out, from social media to even playing video games on it like Fortnite and others. This makes using the technology in the classroom an easier transition for them, but teachers will need to guide and engage the students so they stay focused on the lessons and the educational purpose of using the devices. Once the teachers are familiar with the Apple devices, it makes it easier to give a lecture or teach the lesson using the technology.

As an IT Admin, you want to make sure that the teachers are not only familiar with the iPad in regards to the lessons and lectures, but also that they are confident in their skill set while teaching. This will allow them to give you feedback, recommendations for Apps that they could use to improve their lesson plan and better teach them.

There are a lot of features that come with working with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. One of the best ones, would be the actual platform itself. This platform allows the teachers to request Apps as we mentioned above, but also much more.

After the IT Admin configures the devices, the teacher is able to have apps like Youtube, Social Media platforms and games blocked on each device making sure the students are staying focused on the educational apps, along with web access being blocked at certain time as well!

Let’s say the teacher has their students doing an assignment during the class that will be due at the end of the period, they can make it so the students are locked in that app, to ensure the assignment is completed and the risk of distraction is minimized.

Recommend them valuable Apple's tools

There are two Apps that we recommend that would help the teachers very much with their lessons. The first would be Apple's Classroom App which is an App that doesn’t need to be integrated with an MDM Solution, but the features of if it when integrated are fantastic. The second App will be the Schoolwork App. Both apps make it possible to better the lesson and help students learn in their own way.

The most notable features of the Classroom App are that the teacher is able to view the students devices from theirs, seeing what they are doing. They are able to block and open up certain apps for the student - a prime example is if a student gets done with an assignment, the teacher can unlock apps or games for that student once they are done.

The teachers are also able to share documents with their students via Airdrop, going away with the paper handout where a student might throw it away or lose it, instead will be on their devices!

The Schoolwork App makes the teaching process more personable. The teachers are able to grade the assignments from their device, showing the students what may have been incorrect or showing them what was correct and what they really liked!

They are able to share handouts as well like the Classroom App! The cool thing about this app, is that teachers can lead their lecture or powerpoint presentation from their device to better help the students.

Any additional thoughts?

Those are some of the tips that we recommend to improve professional development! If you think that we may have missed one, or you have a tip of your own - let us know in the comments! Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook if you also have a tip of your own you wish to share!

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