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Tips for Choosing Educational Apps

Tips for Choosing Educational Apps

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

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Technology plays such a large role in education ranging from the Apple TV, iPads, to Mac devices. Since the students are so familiar with these Apple devices, it does provide an advantage for Educators while going about their lectures, but there is still the known fact that students learn differently.

Now, there are many educational apps available for mobile devices that can help students learn in their own way, so we'll be going over what you and your educational team should look for while selecting Educational apps that fit your subject, structure and the needs of your students and also how a mobile device management (MDM) solution can assist you in setting these apps up!

Ask a few questions when choosing the Educational Apps

Today, students have grown up using technology and are very familiar with it. This makes for an easier transition while using a device like an iPad for education, but there are certain traits you should look for and questions you should ask yourself when choosing what educational app to start incorporating into your lesson plans and to consider for the students to leverage their learning experience through the use of Apple technology.

Along with these traits, when looking for the correct educational app, you must keep in mind the learning goals - that can be both developing hard and soft skills, and making sure the applications will be to help the students by improving the learning experience. We recommend answering these questions while going through the process:

Why this app?

Why are you considering this app? Try to find more information about the application and how other educators are using this tool in their lessons. There are great online communities to share best practices such as the #AppleEduChat on Twitter. Consider what will it bring to the table versus leaving the students with after class.

How much does it cost?

Some Educational apps cost money, and some of them are free - just because they are free doesn’t mean they are bad! So, always test out the apps you feel like would be a great fit.

Does it have the right fit for this learning goal?

Making sure the app is the right fit for your lessons and for the students. Making sure the app will help achieve the learning goal and that it keeps the students engaged and most importantly it helps the students learn, retain and apply the information being taught.

Will students be able to apply what they learned to the real world?

This is best described as students being able to take from the app and apply it to real life scenarios, a big thing to consider is in a group project setting. Does the app help them stay focused and work together?

Whichever app can check all the boxes will be the right fit for you and your students, cost effective, not distracting and allows your students to take from it, and apply to real world situations. While looking through the Educational Apps and answering these questions through the experience of testing it out and exploring the app, it’ll be a better help with the decision process and make that choice easier for you.

How the MDM and our features can help you choosing the apps

When using the best educational apps mixed with a mobile device management (MDM) Solution made for education, it makes the process much easier for teachers, IT Admins, and any other faculty or staff that will be working with the MDM Solution throughout the school year. There are many different options and features you can do for the Apple Devices in your school, simply and all through your MDM solution!

The ability of creating an Application Library within your Mosyle Manager account is a fantastic feature that teachers and admin can use. It allows the teachers to select which applications from the school's catalog they would like to integrate with their classes and lectures and the students can see applications that are being recommended by the school itself.

Another great tool that can help EdTech professionals, is the App request feature within your Mosyle account. It is an awesome feature that teachers can use to request certain educational apps for your class after selecting them for their learning purposes. This is a very cool feature, because you can continue to research apps that can further improve your lessons and lectures and it will be easily integrated to the digital environment in your school. It will just have to be requested by the teacher directly in Mosyle Manager app so the IT Admin can directly bulk install the app towards the fleet of Apple devices, making the process easy and efficient.

Combining educational apps and an MDM Solution can enhance the learning experience for all students during the lessons. From the ability to organize all of the apps and categorize them based on grade level or even goals to make it easier for the IT Admin to manage the apps and devices.

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