The easiest way for School Districts to assign iPads in a large-scale deployment

The easiest way for School Districts to assign iPads in a large-scale deployment

Mosyle Team
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In a large-scale Apple device deployment, the school’s technology team can spend countless hours deploying, allocating and managing the devices based on the school, location, or building the device belongs to. That’s why we’ve collected some tips to help you and your technology team deploy devices to the correct schools and/or locations using Mosyle’s intuitive tools.

Mosyle Manager provides large-scale deployments a modern district-wide level of management, in which unlimited school accounts can be connected to and displayed under one dashboard, while also providing complete autonomy to each school account.

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To support both district level management and autonomy for each school, iOS devices can be enrolled at the district level and easily assigned to individual school accounts so both district level and school level technology leaders can manage as needed.

Once enrolled at the district level through a single DEP configuration profile, technology administrators can use the Mosyle Manager app to quickly scan QR codes or enter a short 5-digit access code to complete the assignment to shared groups or individual users within the school accounts.

This makes deploying a large amount of iOS devices, and keeping track of which account they belong to, quick and effective for technology leaders - no more sorting through serial numbers and trying to determine where the devices should be assigned.

After enrolling the Apple devices into the district level limbo, school techs can download the QR codes or 5-digit access codes for each user or shared group under the My School tab. All that’s left is to use the Mosyle Manager app to scan the QR code (with the device camera) or enter the 5-digit code and the device will automatically be assigned to the school account and available for management.

With this method, the amount of time spent on deployment and management can be tremendously reduced, while giving complete autonomy to schools.

Mosyle Manager is supporting thousands of schools and districts around the world to deploy and manage Apple devices by providing the most intuitive and easy-to-use tools. Cupertino Union School District quickly assigned a staggering 19,000 elementary and middle school students to devices migrated from their previous mobile device management software solution.

“Mosyle helps to empower our district by giving the students and teachers something that is easy to use, that is accessible, and also helps us everyday in our learning environment”, the District IT Help Desk Sean O’Hayer said. Check out how Mosyle and CUSD are together in a large-scale iPad deployment.

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