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The Apple Deployment Programs 101 For Schools

The Apple Deployment Programs 101 For Schools

Mosyle Team
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To help streamline device deployment in schools and companies, Apple created the Deployment Programs. In this article, we sort out the most relevant information about each of these programs, so you understand the basics about ADPs. It's a great resource to read before you begin your deployment!

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Apple School Manager

What is the Apple School Manager?

The Apple School Manager (ASM) is a web-based portal that allows IT department staff (technology managers, IT administrators, staff, and instructors) to manage all the information about the educational institution’s Apple deployment from a single place.

By integrating ASM with your MDM solution, you can streamline the Apple devices enrollment by importing the school’s hierarchy, such as teachers’ and students’ data. It’s also possible to manage the VPP account and buy the applications and iBook licenses, as well as create managed Apple IDs for teachers and students choosing the school’s domain.

ASM will contain all the information about:

How to open an ASM account

If your school is not enrolled in the Apple School Manager program yet, you can request it at You will need to fill out the form with information about your school or district. After submitting the form, Apple will provide feedback on your request in up to 5 days. If your account is approved, you will receive an email, and you will be able to create the Apple ID to start managing the school’s data.

If your school already has a DEP or VPP account, it’s possible to consolidate the accounts under the Apple School Manager. If you choose not to merge them, you can still use the VPP account and integrate it with Mosyle Manager to distribute content to users.

Integrate ASM with your MDM solution

Integrating the ASM account with Mosyle Manager is pretty straightforward for IT Administrators. This is also the easy method to import the school’s hierarchy to the MDM solution, as well as streamline the device enrollment process.

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Device Enrollment Program

What is the Device Enrollment Program?

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is part of Apple's Deployment Programs, helping companies and educational institutions deploy iOS and macOS devices more quickly. With DEP, you can automate the supervision and enrollment of devices in the MDM solution.

Now educational institutions should create an Apple School Manager account to get the benefits of DEP. Here’s an overview of this program’s features, and a step-by-step tutorial on how your school can enroll in DEP.

How can DEP help IT Administrators from schools and districts?

DEP simplifies initial device setup by automating supervision and enrollment in MDM, allowing you to manage devices with zero-touch.

With DEP, Apple devices can be pre-configured to require mandatory, automatic enrollment in the MDM solution. You can also configure them to prevent users from removing the management profile. This ensures the devices will be configured correctly, and all users will receive these settings on their devices.

Devices in DEP can be automatically and wirelessly supervised. The supervision enables another level of remote management and allows effective commands and tools for teachers, such as the Apple Classroom App and Mosyle Class Manager.

DEP is also ideal for large-scale deployments because of its zero-touch configuration. Simply perform the configuration within DEP, and give any device to users. You can do this, because DEP allows you to skip “Setup Assistant” steps – making device activation even simpler for the end-user.

Until iOS 10, your school can enroll in DEP if it buys its Apple devices

With iOS 11, admins are able to enroll in DEP devices purchased from all kinds of channels using Apple Configurator 2. This decision positively impact many educational institutions that have donated devices.

Step-by-step tutorial to open your DEP account

The process to create a DEP account is pretty similar to creating the VPP account:

1) Create your DEP account:Access the website and provide the information required, such as address and contact. It is essential the registered email address is associated with the school. Verify the progress of your school’s acceptance with your email, and enable two-step verification.

2) Complete the enrollment process:

Enter and review all the information about your school very carefully. You will be contacted by phone or email and asked for information. Apple recommends to make sure that any mail filters allow mail from all domains, and return any missed phone calls quickly so the enrollment process can proceed smoothly.

3) DEP Customer ID and DEP Reseller ID:

Once enrolled, you can view your DEP Customer ID under “Organization Details.” Exchange this ID with a participating Apple Authorized Reseller’s or carrier’s DEP Reseller ID to allow orders to appear in the Device Enrollment Program.

4) Integrate with MDM:

You must create at least one mobile device management server before you can begin assigning devices. Before you create your server, first review the certificate, security, and naming information.

Volume Purchase Program

What is the Volume Purchase Program?

The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it faster to buy and distribute applications and iBooks for students, teachers, and staff. This is one of the Apple Deployment Programs that makes device management easier by simplifying the purchase and delivery of content.

When VPP is integrated with MDM, IT administrators can remotely manage content. Check out the key benefits and tips below for getting started with VPP in your school.

In the past year, Apple integrated the VPP with Apple School Manager under the "Apps and Books" label, making all the features IT administrators need to manage content in the educational environments available in one single portal. You can find more info about Apps and Books in this article.

If the Apple School Manager is not available in your country/region, read on to learn how to set up the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

What are the benefits of using VPP?

VPP is a scalable solution for managing your institution's content needs, allowing you to select and get a large amount of free or paid applications, both to macOS and iOS devices. iBooks are also available for purchase from the iBooks Store.

Another VPP feature is managed distribution, which enables the distribution of applications and iBooks to devices or users. You can use an MDM solution like Mosyle Manager or Apple Configurator 2 to distribute the licenses.

By using this feature, applications that are no longer needed by certain groups can be revoked and redirected to other users or devices in your school. This way, you can keep the number of licenses you have purchased. You are also able to distribute apps to devices without the need for an Apple ID.

iBooks can also be distributed, but remain as the recipient's property. They cannot be deleted or revoked to another user or device.

Steps to get your VPP account

1) Create your account:

Access the website and provide the information required, such as address and contact. It is essential the registered email address is associated with the school. Make a selection and configure your Apple ID. Finally, enter more information about the institution.

2) Set up the account:

When you have your account validated, you must log into the portal and create the profiles of the Administrators – users who are authorized to purchase the applications and iBooks using VPP.

3) Select applications and iBooks:

Search for the desired content, specify the amount of licenses, and complete the purchase transaction with VPP credit or the school’s credit card at

4) Integrate with MDM:

Integrate with MDM: Integrate the MDM solution and deliver content remotely and easily to teachers and students. It’s possible to select the assignment method: user-based (user’s Apple ID required) or device-based (user’s Apple ID not required).

From iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, you can assign applications directly to devices using your MDM solution or Apple 2 Configuration, without the need for an Apple ID.

You can use your MDM solution to deploy iBooks and applications by sending an email invitation or notification message. After accepting the invitation, users log into their devices with their Apple ID.

If your school uses a shared devices model, it is recommended to distribute the content directly to the device; thus, one single iPad is used by more than one user.

In 1:1 deployments, students can add their own Apple ID to further customize the device. The other option to distribute by user is the the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model.

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