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The Advantages of using Mosyle Manager Premium Plan

The Advantages of using Mosyle Manager Premium Plan

Mosyle Team
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Since its launch in April 2016, more than 5,000 schools and districts from all 50 U.S. states and across 60 other countries, have applied for an account with Mosyle Manager. It has been recognized as the new standard in Apple Management for Education.

Mosyle offers both Free and Premium plans, providing IT managers great features to deploy and manage Apple devices in educational environments. The Free plan offers all the basic MDM features to support administrators deploy Apple devices. However, the Mosyle Manager Premium Plan extends the mobile device management power by providing a full feature set with the unique, exclusively educational tools that go beyond the Apple MDM protocols and really help schools, districts and universities to streamline deployment and make device management faster and easier.

Within Mosyle Manager MDM software, the IT administrators can see exactly which features are available on the Free and Premium plans by logging in to their account. If you do not have a Mosyle Manager account, create your free account here.

So what makes the Premium Plan provide so many benefits for technology directors, IT staff and teachers? We sorted in this article the greatest advantages of using Mosyle Manager Premium Plan to deploy, manage and monitor the Apple devices in your school, district or university.

Multi-platform Support (iOS and macOS) PREMIUM

Deploy and manage your schools iPads and Macs in one platform

The Mosyle Manager Premium Plan enables IT administrators to manage both iOS and macOS devices using one single platform. When choosing to use the Free Plan, only one OS can be managed using the MDM tools.

The tvOS management is free for all customers, which means the school can enroll as many Apple TVs as administrators want with tvOS 10.2+ and they will not count as licensed devices.

Schedule Management Profiles PREMIUM

Streamline Device Management by Scheduling MDM profiles

Mosyle Manager Premium provides the ability for IT staff to schedule device restrictions by allowing them to configure management profiles based on time. Our MDM servers will automatically apply and release them for the indicated user(s) based on the time parameters the admin set.

In the Free plan, all profiles are applied 24/7, which means that the responsibility for managing the devices should do it manually. Scheduling the MDM profiles brings benefits for schools and districts as it helps administrators organize the different restrictions according to the period of time they need to be applied, saving time and making device management stressless.

In the case of Shared iPads or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), scheduling the MDM profiles are even more important since the device will be used for different purposes at different times and/or outside the school.

Bulk Operations PREMIUM

Reduce Device Management Time using Bulk Operations

The Bulk Operations feature helps IT managers to operate on more than one device at the same time applying configurations such as update iOS, update all apps, rename devices, and wallpaper ID in bulk. This tool reduces the device management time by allowing the administrator to filter the devices, select all in which he/she would like to apply the restriction in one click and complete the operation.

The Technology Coordinator and Tech Coach for Tuckerton Elementary School, Kyle Calderwood, shared in an episode of MDM on the Road that Mosyle Manager is helping him reduce device management time and focus more on professional development.

"Everything is more focused on the learning rather than the device, setting it up and getting everything in control. So now it`s more about the lesson as it should be", he says.

Watch how Mosyle Manager is helping Tuckerton Elementary School to cut down device management time

Thus, it is easier to gain scalability in your Apple deployment since it becomes faster to manage and monitor all of the iPads, Macs and Apple TVs of the school or district.

Unlimited criteria-specific groups of devices PREMIUM

Optimize Device Inventory with Unlimited criteria-specific groups of devices

One of the most fundamental features of Apple mobile device management is the cloud-based inventory solution to automatically collect and report data points from the Apple device fleet. By creating specific groups of devices according to inventory details, IT managers are able to even more effectively apply MDM commands to the Apple devices.

That’s why Mosyle Manager Premium offers unlimited criteria-specific groups of devices which allows administrators to organize Apple devices based on one or more device and/or logged user attributes. The MDM software solution will automatically update these groups each time the device connects to our MDM server.

By creating more than one criteria-specific group of devices, IT managers will be able to better track their fleet of devices during ongoing management. Some of the criteria available to create those groups are OS version, Specific App installed, Device type (1:1, Shared device, Limbo device), User type (Teacher or Student), last wan IP (macOS only), last WiFi name connected (macOS only).

Mosyle`s Class Manager PREMIUM

Empowering teachers to control students devices in the classroom

The Mosyle’s Class Manager has been designed with teachers in mind. Managing iPads and Macs in the classroom should not be stressful for educators as their role is to be focused on the classroom management and instructional strategies.

Teachers that are using Mosyle’s Class Manager feel major benefits for the class."This is the first year we have used the Mosyle Manager and I enjoy using it from the standpoint that it is easier for me to monitor what apps the students are on because I can lock them into apps. (…) Every task I don’t have to make sure they have their calculator because I put those into Mosyle Manager, lock them in and then they have those for the task.”, shares Angela Ivey, Science Teacher for St. Petersburg Catholic High School.

The MDM tools for teachers also help the IT staff since the teachers are able to select the applications they need for a particular class by creating the Study Apps lists.

For iOS, the Mosyle`s Class Manager is fully integrated with Apple Classroom App, taking it to a next level. For macOS, Mosyle extends the MDM protocol with self-developed features and commands necessary for intuitive, and powerful management of macOS devices in the classroom.

Mosyle also provides an online training for teachers, containing the step-by-step of applying each feature of the Mosyle`s Class Manager both on iOS and macOS devices.

Custom Commands PREMIUM

Run Script on Macs by creating Custom Commands Profiles

Mac Admins have the ability to customize configuration even more by remotely running scripts to the Mac fleet. Mosyle Manager Premium offers Custom Commands profile management to help IT administrators apply codes to the macOS devices.

They are able to enter and apply custom codes to send any type of command and get the desired info from the Mac by requesting the macOS device to run a script entered directly by you.

Our MDM platform also provides a test tool, allowing Mac Admins to test the command before applying any code to devices in bulk.

Install Enterprise Apps PREMIUM

Push PKG files to install enterprise apps on macOS devices

Mosyle Manager Premium Plan enables administrators to install enterprise applications by pushing a PKG file into macOS devices, making it easier and faster to install software to the entire Mac computers fleet. This premium feature also supports IT managers in generating the PKG that will be pushed to the other macOS devices.

Active Directory Integration PREMIUM

Import your class roster and school’s hierarchy by integrating MDM with Active Directory

The Active Directory is a directory service that authenticates users (like the students and teachers of your educational institution) and devices (such iPads and Mac computers) in a Windows domain network.

If the school uses Active Directory, the Mosyle Manager Premium Plan allows IT managers to fully integrate the MDM software solution with this directory service, providing seamless control over importing your School’s hierarchy and supports single sign-on (SSO) for Teachers.

Multi-Certificate WiFi PREMIUM

Enhance Internet WiFi Security while streamlining device enrollment

The Multi-Certificate Wi-Fi management profile leverage the security in your school by combining in one single management profile WiFi, VPN and/or SCEP payloads.

This feature is only available in the Mosyle Manager Premium Plan and it streamlines the enrollment process in many schools, districts and universities, while enhances the security by avoiding unauthorized devices to connect to the WiFi.

App Center PREMIUM

Keep track of details and manage applications in bulk

When managing Apple devices in schools, districts, and universities, it is fundamental to keep track of every detail about the applications and manage the delivery and installation of apps through the device fleet.

The App Center provides access to information about App Installation Profiles & Installation Status. In this area, Mosyle Manager provides simplified workflows to make it easier to manage, update and remove apps.

Premium users can apply bulk app commands, such as update or remove apps from specific devices or from the entire iPad and/or Mac fleet.

The Hangar PREMIUM

Access an unique deployment service tailored for your school

By subscribing to Mosyle Manager Premium Plan, you have full access to the premium deployment service called The Hangar. It’s an unique deployment service fully connected to our Deployment Team and tailored for your deployment specific needs so you get the smoothest Apple deployment in your educational institution.

Unlimited access to support tickets PREMIUM

Get help from the most efficient support on the MDM market

Mosyle Manager Premium elevates the support experience to a brand new level by combining extremely well-qualified agents, all specializing in the education market, with state of the art technologies. Our smart ticketing system allows our MDM servers to evaluate the description of your initial question or issue, obtain all necessary logs from your Mosyle Manager account, and assign your ticket to the best agent in terms of specialization and immediate availability.

This method empowers our support team to assist and resolve any questions or issues in record time, with high effectiveness. And the result: 98.4% satisfaction rate among our customers.

Heres what our customers are saying about us:

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