Quick Tip for a Successful Deployment: Web Clips

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Our ninth edition of Quick Tip audio clip for a Successful iPad Deployment focuses on Web Clips. In this audio clip, we are going to cover the steps that need to be done in order for you to set the Web clip up on your fleet of iPads.

This tool can be very time saving and efficient to your class by not spending time to look up the frequently used site, and just clicking on the web clip on the screen of the device.

Listen to the tutorial above and let us know your thoughts!

Audio Transcript

Today's tip for success is applying web clips on your iPad. This handy profile allows you to create a shortcut to a frequently visited website and apply a custom image as the icon. To do this go to Management > Web Clip > Add New Profile.

Here you will name your profile, provide it a title (this is the name that will appear on the iPad so make sure it isn’t too long), and the web address URL. Then you can define whether you want it to appear in full screen mode, where the web address bar doesn’t appear, and if the user can remove the webclip.

Finally, you can upload a custom icon for your webclip as an image file. Once the profile is set up the way you want it, assign it to the appropriate users and hit save.

On the devices you will notice the icon appear like an app would and when it is pressed it will launch to the specified URL.

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