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Quick Tip for a Successful Deployment: requesting apps within Mosyle Manager

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It’s time to deploy! To help you get the most of Mosyle Manager Mobile Device Management tools and achieve a successful Apple deployment in your school or district, listen to these powerful tips by playing the Soundcloud track above!

Our third quick tip will be about requesting Apps within Mosyle Manager. The audio clip will go over how a teacher can request an App to the MDM Admin. In the Class Manager app, the teacher can request apps along with links to open ASM Apps and Books to purchase apps and a link to create Install App Profiles too.

Audio Transcript

Today's tip for success is letting teachers request apps to the MDM administrator using the manager app. To activate this feature go to Preferences, MDM Platforms and iOS, scroll down to Class Manager settings and check the box to allow teachers to send app requests to administrators.

Now, within the Class Manager teachers will see a Request App button that they can use to search the App Store and make a request for an app for one or multiple classes.

Once the request has been made the MDM administrators can see the requests under Management > Alerts and an App requests icon appears, from here you can open Apps and Books in ASM or go straight to the Install Profile creation screen if you already have licenses for the app.

Remember you can also change the alert preferences so you are e-mailed each time a new request comes in.

To keep up to date with more helpful tips and to learn from some innovative schools doing transformative work with Apple products subscribe to our channel today.

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