Quick Tip for a Successful Deployment: Manual Assignment

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To make the most of Mosyle Manager mobile device management, we provide tips that help you achieve successful Apple deployment in your school or district. You can listen to the quick tips by clicking the play button on the Soundcloud track above!

Our latest Quick tip will help you assign devices manually in Mosyle Manager regardless of whether your school is using a 1:1 or shared device program. This feature allows you to assign those devices to users in bulk by serial number, saving you time and effort because you can bypass authentication.

Below is a transcript of the audio clip, which has instructions on how to best complete the manual assignment using Mosyle Manager.

Listen to the clip above and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Audio Transcript:

Today’s tip for success is our manual assignment option. This is a great way to quickly assign devices to users in bulk that aren’t in limbo. It also leaves placeholders for devices.

To access this assignment option, log in to Mosyle Manager and click on My School at the bottom. Then, navigate to Assign Devices on the left. Under Manual Assignment, click start.

As you can see, you need a spreadsheet that includes the device serial number and the user ID/cart name to which you want to assign the devices. Download the .CSV template and fill out only the necessary information and save the document.

Select whether or not you want the devices to have personalized wallpaper and then click on the select file button to upload the .CSV file you saved. That’s it! The device will display the updated assignment information once it receives the "Update Info" command after you upload the .CSV file.

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