Quick Tip for a Successful Deployment: Setting Lock Screen Message on iPads

Mosyle Team
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Our latest Quick Tip for a Successful iPad Deployment covers how to set up a lock Screen Message on the iPad. The message itself can be student's name, class or any other information that helps you as an IT administrator or Tech Coach to organize the devices.

This MDM feature can improve the communication across all school levels, as well as organization for your IT department and instructional staff.

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Audio Transcript:

Today's tip for success is setting a lock screen message. This handy feature allows you to define certain variables and apply it to the lower part of the screen regardless of wallpaper changes.

To create the profile go to Management > Bulk Operations and select all your devices or filter the group that you would like to receive the lock screen message. Then, click More and select Lock Screen Message. Here you’ll see a sample of where the information will appear on the device.

Define the variables you would like to use, such as student name, device serial number, or even type your own custom message. Once complete click send. Within a few moments you will notice the custom message appear at the bottom of your device(s).

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