Quick Tip: Clearing user data from Apple Shared devices

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To make the most of Mosyle Manager, we provide tips that help you achieve successful Apple deployment in your school or district. You can listen to the quick tips by clicking the play button on the Soundcloud track above!

Our latest quick tip will help you clear user data for Apple devices that are part of a shared device program. This means that students who are sharing devices won’t be able to see another student’s information.

Below is a transcript of the audio clip, which includes instructions on how to clear user data on shared devices. Listen to the clip and let us know your thoughts!

Audio Transcript

Today’s tip for success is about clearing user data from shared Apple devices used in the classroom. This makes it so that students who use shared devices won’t be able to see another student’s information. Removing user data also clears up storage space on the device.

To do this log into Mosyle Manager and navigate to the Management tab from the menu at the bottom.

There are two different ways you can clear user data, depending on whether you want to remove all shared data or individual data.

If you’re looking to clear all shared data, click on Bulk Operations from the menu on the left. Then, select the devices you want to remove all shared data from. Click on the More dropdown menu at the top and choose to delete all Apple Shared Users.

If you want to remove individual data, click on the device and go to Manage iPad Users. Now you can remove the user or users from the device.

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