How customer support enhances device management in schools

How customer support enhances device management in schools

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

When deploying and managing iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices in your school or district, you need to make sure all of the workflows are accomplished in order to get the most successful deployment. Your expertise in managing the devices and all of the knowledge you’ve had in your career is extremely important, and having the hand of an effective support team can definitely maximize your success.

An outstanding support team saves you time on facing challenges, so you can focus your efforts on what really matters to you: the strategic IT decisions, coaching teachers and students about the use of the technology in the classroom, and so on.

In this article, we’ve listed how a personalized support team can help you along the way when managing your Apple devices in your school, so you can do more and better, achieving the success you want.

1. Personalized Advice for your Deployment

Since the support team of a mobile device management (MDM) solution made exclusively for Schools and Districts already has assisted a lot of educational institutions to deploy their iPads and Macs, they can provide you with great advice and resources about the best deployment strategies for you.

They are able to effectively suggest the best method for setting up your (MDM) solution as well as the enrollment method that better meets your needs according to the technology landscape in your school.

For example, if you use Apple School Manager (ASM) and the DEP enrollment methods, the support team is able to guide you through the best practices to accomplish those integrations with the MDM in the best way possible for your specific case. They are also able to help you streamline the assignment step, helping you make sure all devices will be ready for all the assigned students and teachers.

This assistance can be done using many channels, such as tickets or calls. Here at Mosyle, we provide one of the most effective Support Teams in the MDM world, using any necessary communication channels such as support tickets, phone call, web conference, and/or screen share.

2. Tailored Deployment Service

Online training and resources are also a great help for IT administrators when deploying Apple devices in your school. By accessing these virtual help centers and libraries, you are able to watch videos, read articles, access to step-by-step guides, and documentation in order to properly set up the MDM solution and get a smooth device deployment and management. However, most of the time those resources are not personalized for you, right?

What if you had access to a fully personalized deployment service with videos and step-by-step guides that really made sense for your unique Apple deployment? We provide a Premium Deployment Service called The Hangar - that is fully connected to our Deployment Team, and tailored for your deployment-specific needs.

This means that you don't need to research any information and figure out what the best method for you is. You are able to have access right away to the track with the video tutorials and step-by-step guides that meet your needs in this Premium Deployment Service.

In addition, our Deployment Team will be always there to help you if you need to submit a ticket. With structured logs, our support specialists can get back to you quickly, helping your streamlining process and improving even more of your Apple deployment.

3. Support in your Daily Tasks & Questions

Keeping track of a large amount of devices is not an easy job. Every day IT administrators have different tasks when managing the iPads and Macs - especially in schools. If your MDM solution offers support, make sure they will be able to help you not only during the deployment season, but also on-the-go.

Some MDM providers focus their support efforts only on the deployment season, offering different deployment services - and a various range of prices and fees according to the training and/or services that the school or district choose.

We also provide special training and on-site support, however, we truly believe success is built every day. It's crucial to assist you with the same amount of energy both during the deployment season and along all the way, so you can enjoy the best experience when managing iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices in your educational institution daily.

Our Support and Customer Success Team is available through support tickets to answer any questions you have, helping you in any daily task you might be struggling with, ensuring you achieve iPad success in the long-term, and the most importantly: in record time and high effectiveness.

An effective support system is there for you when you need it the most, but not just that - they are also able to truly understand your specific needs, identify the most effective way to solve your problem and communicate it in the most effective way. Our smart ticketing system provides us with a great starting point to ensure your questions or concerns are resolved quickly, and effectively. Open your Mosyle account or upgrade to Premium to enjoy our incredible support.

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