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Meet the new Mosyle Manager District Dashboard for large-scale deployments

We developed the easiest way to scale your iPad and Mac deployment and Apple management



We proudly announce one of our most impactful features for large-scale deployments: The District Dashboard. It allows Districts Admins to have a modern district-wide level of management, in which unlimited accounts can be connected to and displayed under the District Dashboard.

The Admin users will be provided with greater scope and information to easily access each and every School of their District. We designed great features to make the Admins routines easier: all the district level polices and management profiles can be applied by accessing one account.

Additionally, one single district level Apple accounts, such as Volume Purchase Program (VPP), Deployment Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple School Manager (ASM), can be connected to all Schools. This structure delivers the best balance between autonomy and control, no matter the District’s vision.

The District Dashboard is only available for Premium Mosyle Manager accounts with large deployments with over 2,000 devices (iPads, Macs and/or Apple TVs). We have a dedicated team who can provide ongoing support throughout every step of the implementation. Create your Mosyle Manager Account and setup your District Dashboard to scale your Apple deployment.

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