Mobile Technology Running Smoothly in Your School

Mobile Technology Running Smoothly in Your School

Mosyle Team
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Mobile devices in schools has seen a rise in the last few years - not only due to the integration of technology into lessons, but especially because mobile devices bring into Education many innovative learning possibilities due to its flexibility and accessibility.

One of the most common mobile devices students are using in schools, is the iPad that has proved to be powerful and beneficial to learning. However, planning the technology infrastructure is critical for the good performance of the iPad - and any other EdTech tool - in educational environments.

Read on to understand the first steps for ensuring that mobile technology runs smoothly in your school and district.

What the iPad can do in learning experiences?

The iPad is one of the most powerful tool that a student can use in regards to Education, because of the tons of benefits that they have, including flexibility. Using the iPad, the students can take their studying anywhere at anytime - being able to connect to the Wi-fi and enjoy many tools, from taking notes and eliminating the use of paper, to even holding all of your textbooks in one place, being convenient and at their fingertips at all times.

Another reason that the iPad is so great for learning, is that it can help prepare the students for the real world. With using mobile devices hand in hand with education in lectures and lessons, students will learn more than the main class subject, but being able to also learn important soft skills from the 21st century.

Since so much of the world is more digital, this can get them familiar with communicating in groups on projects online, giving speeches or presentations, and even just the ability to send an email or work from anywhere, as long as there is a wifi network to connect to.

However, all these learning opportunities can't be offered to students if the school doesn't have a good technology plan and infrastructure, and the IT Administrator has one of the most essential roles in making this happen.

So what's the IT Admin role?

The role of the IT Administrator in a school or district is critical to the success of the education technology integration, as well as the iPad Programs and Apple deployments. The first step IT admins should pay attention to, and care most about is the Network and Wifi Infrastructure of your school. This is the foundation for achieving your technology goals and one of the biggest contributing factors to a successful iPad deployment within your school or district.

The reason for the Wifi Infrastructure to be one of the most important points of focus for the IT Administrator, is it will have a direct reflection on the teachers and students learning experience. Teachers may be giving a lecture or even sharing PDF books or documents with the students of the class and the students may be working in groups and giving presentations or reading the feedback the teacher gave them on work.

That's why working to implement a good Wifi Infrastructure has to be a main focus task when it comes to the iPad deployment of your school and district. Keep reading to see how working hand in hand with a mobile device management (MDM) solution can help out.

How an MDM made for Education can help you succeed

Having a mobile device management (MDM) solution in your corner can help in more ways than one, from the start of the deployment and all the way through. When we think about creating the foundations of your iPad deployment and configuring the Wi-Fi, the MDM solution can support you too.

Remember that the Wifi connection itself is very important for the MDM to work properly on your school's devices, so make sure you configure the required ports. Then you are able to remotely configure some configurations, making sure the Wifi will be accessible through the device fleet.

The Wifi Authentication profile is one of the features that can be applied by the MDM solution to the fleet of iPad’s. What this feature does exactly is to allow the device to only connect to a certain Wifi Network that can be setup with the Wifi Authentication profile, which the IT Admin will be able to set up and apply to all the devices through the MDM platform.

And you'll for sure need to keep students protected from dangerous web content while being able to learn from anywhere at anytime. You can use Proxies and/or Firewalls, but the MDM solution offers a continuously helpful tool by setting up what is called a Web Filter.

This is a feature that is available to you as an IT Admin and allows you to block and filter certain websites by the class, student or even certain devices! This will allow the teachers to teach their lessons with no worry of the students accessing any site that may be harmful or distracting to not only the lesson, but the student themselves.

It is just the beginning of managing the Apple devices of your school, but it is essential to make sure your Network configurations are running smoothly - otherwise the iPad program can not achieve the success that you'd expected.

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