Why an MDM for Education can help your BYOD program?

Why an MDM for Education can help your BYOD program?

Mosyle Team
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Why an MDM for Education can help your BYOD program

Students are more in tune with their mobile devices, and transitioning this approach to education opens up a better learning experience for them as they learn on a device that they are already familiar with. From this scenario comes the BYOD programs in schools and districts.

But firstly what does BYOD stand for? Those initials mean Bring Your Own Device, and in an educational environment it refers to a school technology program that doesn’t own the devices used - they are instead owned by the students and their parents. In this article we will go over in more detail what a BYOD program is and how an MDM can assist in this process, making it easier for the IT team and the rest of the staff to manage the devices and ensure they are being used as an educational tool.

What are the main advantages and challenges of a BYOD program?

One of the advantages of using the BYOD approach is that the students will already be familiar with these devices, so the transition of using the iPad device or the Mac computer in school will be much easier. Another great benefit is that the schools do not have to purchase the devices, freeing up room to use that towards something else in the budget.

But, when using BYOD devices in education, IT administrators can face some challenges - especially without an MDM Solution to help you and your team. If they are not using an MDM solution made for Education in a BYOD scenario, the IT Admins will need to do a few things like download the actual apps themselves, since the devices are student owned and not property of the school. Either the admin or the students can download apps, or you can do it manually.

Without an MDM solution, IT admins won't be able to install the applications directly that are needed for each class, nor be able to use Apple's Apps and Books area (formerly VPP - Volume Purchase Program). In addition, the school won't be able to set up restrictions to the device, which can be tough when we think of avoiding distractions and guiding the use of educational technology in the classroom. So, the restrictions will have to be manually applied to the devices individually and not in bulk since the school will not have access to it.

So in order for the use of student-owned devices be as productive as it can be in the educational environment, it's highly recommended that the IT team have access to the devices and have permission to manage the devices, setting up the perfect digital learning environment with the applications and other educational content.

So why manage the iPad device in a BYOD program using an MDM for Education?

With the help of an MDM solution, deploying BYOD devices in your school is much easier. By using a device management solution, IT administrators can take advantage of all the powerful features made available with Apple's new User Enrollment method.

User Enrolment represents a privacy revolution, and it was designed by Apple to protect user-owned device privacy while also providing IT with the tools they need to keep your data safe with a limited set of configurations and policies associated with the user instead of the entire device.

You can learn more about what is the User Enrollment in our special portal here.

With User Enrollment, Apple School Manager and an MDM solution, technology teams are able to manage the educational content by distributing the applications through ASM's Apps and Books to the BYOD devices easily. This will not only save time management, but also make sure all the necessary content is available for students and teachers. All you will need is to create the Managed Apple IDs for them through the Apple School Manager portal, and enroll the devices using the User Enrollment method via MDM solution.

How to get the iPad devices into the MDM solution?

Since the device is not a school-owned device, the IT team cannot enroll it using the traditional Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP) method. This method would transfer the ownership of the device completely from the student to the educational institution, as well as require Supervised Mode and a wipe of the device. So the method recommended to enroll the iPad devices into the MDM solution is User Enrollment, as we previously mentioned.

In the past, most schools used to deploy BYOD programs by using the manual enrollment procedure. However, Apple's User Enrollment provides IT administrators with the best scenario for BYOD deployments in your K-12 educational institution.

User Enrollment doesn't support the iPadOS or iOS Supervised Mode, so keep in mind that it won't be possible to apply restrictions that are only available with this mode. User Enrollment also doesn't require the wipe of the device. It used to be a huge challenge for schools due to the potential of losing all the data on the iOS device, and not being to recover it or ruining the device completely.

Schools tried to minimize this by reassuring parents and students that the data saved in cloud services and applications won't be lost. However, many parents still felt insecure about the security of their children's data. Apple's User Enrollment is the perfect blend of interests between school and parents by balancing the needs of IT to protect sensitive data and managing the software and setting settings available to users. At the same time, users' private personal data remains separate from IT oversight.

When transitioning to the User Enrollment method in your K-12 school, the key is always to keep a consistent communication with the parents and the community, advising them about the importance of managing the devices using the device management solution to leverage learning experience. We provide all the information that parents need to know about the User Enrollment here. Feel free to share it with your educational community.

Having a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution made for Education like Mosyle Manager to help your school or district do this will lighten the load of your IT department and allow them to learn for themselves, but also be able to spend more time training and developing the IT staff to operate the platform.

BYOD devices in a school have proven to be a successful deployment- just take a look at the Cupertino School District! They were able to successfully do this with the help of Mosyle Manager MDM.

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