MDM Features that can avoid students from playing games during class

MDM Features that can avoid students from playing games during class

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For the longest time students have always done various things to stay distracted from their schoolwork during classes. At one point it was passing notes and talking, to handheld gaming and texting in class. These days it is game apps like Fortnite Battle Royale - a very popular video game with teenagers that is worrying teachers.

There are some ways schools and districts can prevent students from getting distracted by playing games during class on iPads, iPhones and Mac computers with a helping hand from technology tools, especially Mobile Device Management software solutions. Thats why in this article we will be going over the many tools that MDM providers can use to assist teachers and IT staff in helping to keep students focused and prevent students from playing games during class.

But first... what is this game about?

Fortnite is a live game that puts the gamer and/or his/her team in a one-hundred man battle royale. The end goal of the game is to win by being the “Last Man Standing”. You parachute onto an island and as the game progresses you are able to pick up weapons and materials to build cover, like walls, forts, even walkways and bridges too. The twist with the game is that as it moves closer to a finale, the playing area gets smaller and smaller as the “Storm Wall” closes in and you could lose if caught in the storm. The game itself is free to download on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. There are in app purchases where players can spend money on various special items and skins for their character to wear in the game.

A game being available for computers and gaming consoles exclusively. IT Staff were already struggling to avoid students from downloading and playing Fortnite in schools computers as Fortnite was launched in the App Store on March 15th, making it available for iPads and iPhones, which makes students able to access it across the world at any time. Fortnite also sits at the top of the grossing charts, beating impressive numbers of hit games such as Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon Go.

With this happening, teachers and IT professionals have noticed changes in their schools from slowed down Wi-Fi due to the influx of students playing the game during classes.

How can mobile device management tools help to stop students from playing games during classes

Mobile Device Management (MDM) companies have taken notice in this throughout the world. Trying to help kids focus can sometimes always be a bit hard. Adding the ability to download a world famous game making it even harder and adding iPads and Mac Computers with Wifi can cast fuel to the fire.

There are solutions for this recent wave of students playing Fortnite or any other game at school. During this time students have been getting on school devices to play this game, slowing down the WiFi - no longer! We have compiled a list of some MDM features that can help increase the focus of students and the ability to better teach them for the staff and faculty. From Allowed/Blocked Apps to Block Install App on Mac Computers, it’s all here.

Allowed and Blocked Apps

With Fortnite and many other games being available on all iPads and iPhones, teachers and IT staff have already had problems keeping students focused. MDM software offers tools that can help with this problem, such as selecting the apps that should be allowed or blocked on devices. This lets students unable to access Fortnite or any other games for that matter during the class time.

App Lock

App Lock is an MDM feature that will allow the teacher to lock students devices within a certain app, disabling them from navigating any other apps or the using the Internet. For example, students are supposed to be working on their essay in class, but instead they are playing Fortnite or another game. The teacher can lock the iOS device right away from his/her Mac computer or iPad, locking the students within the educational app and no longer allowing that student to play the game.

Keep track of applications

There are MDM providers that have such an area in which IT administrators are able to keep track of every detail about their applications, from the installation to the management of all of the apps on each device. If a student is attempting to download the game Fortnite or is looking up how to download it, the IT manager responsible for the Apple deployment can block the app in the App Store and make sure the student is unable to download it.

Removing applications from iPads

MDM solutions also have the ability for IT Managers to remotely remove apps, thus installing only the educational apps previously selected by teachers and making Fortnite unavailable on all of the iOS devices.

The growing problem of Fortnite and many other games in schools can definitely be solved with the tools offered by MDM solutions. Having these tools interrogated in schools can help teachers increase the engagement of students during class time, while also providing an enjoyable teaching experience for the educators. From being able to provide fully blended learning opportunities to reducing the potential chaos in a classroom, MDM’s are the way to go. Take a look at this article about MDM tools for teachers to learn a little bit more.

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