How to Manage Your Macs Without Automated Device Enrollment

How to Manage Your Macs Without Automated Device Enrollment

Mosyle Team
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Deployment using Automated Device Enrollment and Apple School Manager offers many possibilities to IT admins, including streamlining this process, which is important when it comes to the educational environment in which the IT department needs to put time and energy on training teachers and managing educational content.

But sometimes the macOS devices are not enrolled into an Apple School Manager account. For example, when devices were not bought directly from Apple or the Mac is a staff or student-owned device and the school doesn't have the device ownership.

Even without Automated Device Enrollment, you still need to deploy and manage this Mac computer in your school and district, applying all the educational privacy and policies using the mobile device management (MDM) solution. So what should you do?

In this article, you'll see how you can easily enroll the Mac computer into the MDM solution, if it isn't enrolled into Apple School Manager. Learn how it’s possible to have a good experience while managing your Macs too!

But first, a quick reminder about Apple School Manager and Automated Device Enrollment

When organizations such as schools, universities and companies acquire devices directly from Apple, the devices can be automatically enrolled into programs such as Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager. In the case of K-12 institutions, Apple School Manager is the best platform, being a portal where IT administrators are able to manage not only devices, but also user data and content.

Apple School Manager works simply like this: an organization like a school, district or university purchases the devices directly from Apple, or through an authorized reseller and as a part of their process, each device can be enrolled using the Automated Device Enrollment method along with a mobile device management solution.

This allows them to be associated with the server of a mobile device management solution, which will streamline the enrollment process. It allows for automatic enrollment of Apple devices. When using Apple School Manager hand-in-hand with an MDM Solution, you can deploy and manage your Apple devices efficiently and all from one location.

Currently, you are not able to have Mac computers in the Apple School Manager account if they were not acquired from Apple, a participating Apple Authorized Reseller or a cellular carrier. However, if you have donated iPads or other iOS and tvOS devices that were not bought through those channels, you can add them to your Apple School Manager account using Apple Configurator 2. To help speed up your Mac deployment, you can use Apple School Manager and the MDM solution.

How do I enroll a Mac computer not in Apple School Manager into the MDM solution

In this case, the method you are going to use to enroll the non-Automated Device Enrollment macOS devices into the device management solution is the manual Enrollment using an URL. This makes it very easy to enroll the Mac computer into the MDM solution as a generic device from the K-12 institution — if you use Mosyle Manager, that's called limbo status. Just copy and paste the Enrollment URL provided by the MDM solution in the device's browser.

Then, you can assign the Mac computer to a user, if it is part of a 1:1 program. If the Mac will be used by different students in a laboratory, you are able to configure it as a shared device. For the best enrollment experience, make sure that your Mac computers have been deployed correctly.

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