How an MDM solution can help if a school’s iPad is lost or stolen

How an MDM solution can help if a school’s iPad is lost or stolen

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Typically, when people think of Lost Mode, they think of their personal iPhones. Being able to track it while it’s been misplaced or even lost. This also applies to Apple devices in regards to Education. Just like personal devices, School owned devices can also be lost or stolen, having Lost Mode Enabled will allow the school's administrator to find the device.

In this article, we'll go over what exactly Lost Mode and Activation Lock are and how they can work hand in hand with an MDM solution made for Education to better manage the devices for your school or district, allowing you to track and find lost or stolen school owned devices.

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What is iOS Native Lost Mode

Lost Mode is a feature native to your iOS Device that when enabled and turned on, allows you to locate it. There is an alert that gets sent to the device that is being located and this will show the location of it. With school owned devices, the Native Lost mode can be a very important tool when it comes to managing the device.

When the device is used and supervised by a mobile device management (MDM) Solution, the IT Admin is able to put the supervised device into a managed lost mode. Once the device is in Managed Lost Mode, only the MDM server will be able to access the device location information. For example, if your school allows the devices to be taken home and the student doesn't bring it in the next day, you can have access to its location and send a message to the iPad, making sure the device is at home and not lost.

Important note: in this case, the end-user can not unlock the device until the Managed Lost Mode is turned off.

This feature works hand in hand with another that is available on your iOS device which is the Activation Lock. Keep reading to understand how to use this tool as well.

What is the Activation Lock

The Find My iPhone Activation Lock on the devices is used to lock a device that is missing, being able to keep the information on the device saved when it does go missing. The Find iPhone Activation Lock can also be used to erase all of the content that’s on the device if it is lost or stolen.

Important note: during the deployment process, it is very important for the Find My iPad feature to be disabled before wiping the iOS device using the MDM solution. If it is not disabled, the device will go into the Activation Lock Mode and the Supervision Process can not be completed.

What additional MDM features can I use?

Along with the features available on your iOS devices, you also have them within your mobile device management (MDM) Solution. One of these, is called the Configure GPS Service. This allows the IT Admin to configure the MDM Solution so that it is able to provide location information on all of the devices from limbo/generic and shared ones to the devices for the students, teachers and admins.

Mosyle Manager, the MDM Solution made exclusively for education - gives IT Admin the location of the device which is done by the application obtaining the location. The information for the device itself is updated only when there’s a considerable shift in the location or when the app is opened. This lets the IT Admin and Tech Department know if one is missing and not with the others, then they can proceed to find the device.

With the tools available to you through your iOS devices and the helping hand from an MDM solution made exclusively for schools and districts, we can better help the management of devices in your school or district and continue to improve and help Education Technology across the board!

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