How to Install Printers to Mac Computers using an MDM Solution

How to Install Printers to Mac Computers using an MDM Solution

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MDM solutions can provide you with a number of tools for managing your Apple devices. This also includes the ability to print documents through remote access on your device.

This is especially useful for classrooms if students and teachers need to print any instructions, materials, or documents that need to be viewed. All you need is a Mac computer, printer, and the right device management solution, and you’re ready to start.

In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to successfully remotely install Printers on Mac computers using Mosyle Manager.

How to remotely install printers through Mosyle Manager

First, create a new Printer Profile, navigate to your Mosyle Manager account. Next, go to Management > Management Profiles > Printer > + Add new > Select a printer from the list of installed printers > Select your printer as the default printer.

You can allow the printer to connect directly to users if desired. Simply Edit footer settings, then assign to users.

When creating a printer management profile, you are presented with two options. You can choose either a protocol configuration or custom configuration:

1. Protocol configuration

It allows you to choose an already installed printer on an enrolled device and then configure the rest of the devices to access that printer. This is done through the pre-installed generic drivers on macOS. This type of printer cannot be edited once saved.

2. Custom configuration

This type of configuration can be used when the printer is not installed. You can choose this option to specify the path to the printer so it will be reachable, and you also have the option to upload your own driver for the printer. This is usually helpful if you're looking to be able to use all functions of the printer, such as double-sided printing. When no driver is uploaded, you can attempt to configure using the pre-installed generic drivers.

If you choose Custom Configuration, click on "+Add Printer" to launch the configuration page. The following steps are needed for the management profile to work successfully on the Mac computers:

Printer Name (mandatory)

This is the name of the printer to be displayed on your Macs.

Printer ID (mandatory)

This is a unique key, so if there is already an installed printer with this printer ID, it will be replaced or reinstalled. identifier cannot include any spaces and/or special characters (underscores are accepted). If needed, you can remove the printer remotely using Custom Commands with this ID.


You will have to open local host on a Mac that already has the printer installed, and select the Printer. After doing this, a new page will load with the Connection address (typically starts with dnssd://, ipp://, lpd://, etc.). If the above site does not work, you may need to enable the local url with this command. To enable CUPS: Once you are in Terminate, paste (Ctrl + V) in “cupsctl WebInterface=yes” and hit Enter.

Install printer using a specific printer driver

Click on "Select Driver (PKG)" to upload the printer driver you downloaded from the company's website or from Apple on your computer, then fill in the text field under "What is the path for the driver?" (mandatory).

To find the path of the printer driver to match the printer with the specific driver, open the folder "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/" on a Mac with the driver already installed and find the .gz file for your printer model. If the printer utility installs all packages, then you can install it manually on a Mac, and grab the .gz file from the previously mentioned pathway.

If you need more options, you can select the “Advanced Options” function. Each printer has its own options, and these fields allow the input of custom key-value options. To list all the printer’s available options, run the terminal command: lpoptions -p PRINTER_ID -l.

To finish creating the management profile in order to remotely install the printers on the Mac computer, save the Configuration page, set the other Profile options, and save the profile.

If you need any additional help, our specialized Support Team is available to quickly resolve any technical issues that may occur. We also have helpful resources, guides, and personalized support to further help the setup process. Take advantage of this highly skilled team by subscribing on our Premium Plan, and feel secure when deploying and managing your Apple Devices.

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