How to set up the new User Enrollment on Apple devices at your K-12 School

How to set up the new User Enrollment on Apple devices at your K-12 School

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BYOD programs are becoming more common at K-12 schools, with students bringing in their own Apple devices to use in the classroom. There are plenty of benefits for BYOD programs that go beyond the end-user. Students can use devices they’re already comfortable using and can learn in different, engaging ways.

Schools can maximize their budget and teachers can manage the classroom in a way that elevates education but still gives them control over the learning environment. However, as with anything, there are several questions raised about these types of programs, especially when it comes to safety.

After all, how can parents know if the personal information on their child’s device is kept secure? How can IT teams ensure that user data and devices are safe?

That’s why Apple released the new User Enrollment. In this article, we’ll go over what User Enrollment is and what it means for you and your end-users.

What is the new User Enrollment?

It’s Apple’s new privacy revolution. User Enrollment was designed for BYOD programs to protect user privacy on Apple devices. It also provides IT teams with the necessary tools that help them ensure security for both end-users and the devices.

With User Enrollment, users can rest assured that their personal information is not being accessed by anyone and instead puts their safety first. This means that parents, teachers, and students don’t have to worry. But how does it work?

With this new feature, IT admins won’t have access to the entire Apple device, instead they can use MDM solutions to manage the parts that give students and teachers an enjoyable BYOD experience in the classroom.

User Enrollment separates personal data and automatically creates an additional encrypted volume associated with a Managed Apple ID created by the educational institution using Apple School Manager portal. This is where all the device management will occur, and it will contain any configurations, apps and data necessary for the educational environment.

What can User Enrollment do?

What can’t User Enrollment do?

You can even learn more about User Enrollment by checking out our User Enrollment site to discover how this new feature affects your BYOD programs. Next we’ll go over how to set up User Enrollment using Mosyle Manager.

How to set up User Enrollment using Mosyle Manager

Setting up User Enrollment can be done quickly and easily using your MDM solution. If your MDM solution is Mosyle Manager, just follow the steps below to complete the setup:

You’re all done! User Enrollment is changing the BYOD game by putting user privacy and device security at the forefront. You can enhance this experience by using an MDM solution that’s tailored for K-12 schools like Mosyle Manager.

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