How to optimize your time when migrating MDM in your school

How to optimize your time when migrating MDM in your school

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When migrating from your previous mobile device management (MDM) Solution to your new one, it can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! In this article we are going to cover how you can reduce your time spent on the migration aspect by using features within Mosyle Manager, which will allow you and your IT Team to spend more time on the training and professional development.

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MDM Migration workflows

When migrating from your previous mobile device management (MDM) solution to Mosyle Manager, there are some steps you can do that will help out with the migration step. One of these is to use your previous MDM Solution to wipe the Apple devices enrolled in bulk and remove them from the old management solution completely. Doing this will make the re-enrolling process much easier.

Having the proper amount of staff available during the migration process will help out across the board. Having more hands available to assist you while wiping, removing, migrating and then assigning the devices and content licenses will save time. This will allow you to spend more time on training and educating the teachers and staff on their new MDM Solution in the future.

Mosyle’s Features That Can Help You Save Time

There are certain tools and features within your Mosyle Manager platform that will allow you as an IT Admin to decrease the time spent on the migration, speeding up your workflows. Whether it is on a school level or even a district level, these features will help you tremendously and save time.

If you are on a District level, one of the features Mosyle has that will help with the MDM migration process will be to create DEP profiles for your devices and generate a QR code. From here, you can just scan the QR code and you can assign them remotely, thus saving time across the board!

When in regards to a 1:1 iPad program within your school, one feature that helps out when it comes to the time aspect of the migration, will be to assign the devices that are in your school by using the Manual Assignment Spreadsheet. This will allow you to input all of the device and user information remotely using your mobile device management (MDM) solution all from your computer.

While switching MDM solutions, we recommend using our MDM Migration Guide, this has a step by step instructional guide on how you can properly migrate from your previous MDM to Mosyle. Included with this guide, is a Migration Checklist which will ensure the migration process is quick and painless. Once a step is done, mark it on the list and move to the next item!

Mosyle Manager also provides The Hangar, an unique deployment service fully connected to our Deployment Team, tailored for your deployment-specific needs, so you can experience the smoothest implementation. Get in contact with our team to receive more information about this wonderful service.

With all of these features available to you, it can lower the amount of time that is spent on the migration process as a whole and it will allow you time to train and educate the staff and faculty on the platform.

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