How to manage pre-installed applications on an iPad using the MDM solution

How to manage pre-installed applications on an iPad using the MDM solution

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A common question we’ve received is how to manage pre-installed applications on the school's iPads, so we'll help you with some valuable tips and information about how to do this. Because these applications are on Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone by default, in order for them to be used, they will have to be associated with an Apple ID of some kind and a Prompt asking for validation of the app wanting to be used.

Some examples of pre-installed iOS applications on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone are Pages, Keynote, iMovie, iTunes U, Clips, Numbers, and Garageband. When native iOS applications are pre-installed, their licenses are associated with the users Apple ID by default.

When they are pre-installed, there is a prompt that will have you validate your Apple ID in order to use the app itself. The prompt can be a considered a problem in schools or to the lesson from a productivity standpoint. It can delay certain apps from being launched for the lesson or project.

If these applications are managed, it will allow the IT Administrator to manage them better, allowing the students or teacher to open up the pre installed app without adding any personal Apple ID credentials.

Read on to learn how you can bypass that and manage the app itself using an MDM solution. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

How to Manage Pre-Installed applications

When it comes to pre-installed applications and avoiding the Prompt, you have to request what is called an app license. This can be done in the ASM's Apps and Books area or in your Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account. After this is done, you can create the install profile in your Mosyle Manager account, and request to install them. One thing that we recommend for schools to do when this happens is to purchase the proper amount of licenses that can cover all of the devices. This is in regards to the licenses, the applications themselves do not require any purchase.

These licenses can have Install Profiles created on them which will make assigning these apps to the devices easier for the IT Administrator. The Proper steps in creating the Install App profile within your Mosyle Manager account are: Management tab > Management Profiles > Install App > + Add New Profile.

You can begin to push out the applications to the devices in your fleet. Once all of the applications have been installed and assigned using a mobile device management (MDM) solution, they will be considered Managed and now associated with the VPP License as well. Once this is done, you will not have to worry about the prompt popping up while trying to launch pre installed apps.

Now these applications can be updated or removed from the devices at any time while using Mosyle Manager MDM for Education. Mosyle Manager supports you not only to manage the devices and distribute educational content, but also helps you to achieve success in your school and district when it comes to Education Technology.

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