How to manage devices to face cybersecurity risks

How to manage devices to face cybersecurity risks

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"The number of security incidents involving mobile devices has increased over the past year, but companies are not protecting their mobile assets as well as they do other systems. One in three organizations admitted to suffering a compromise due to a mobile device,” according to Prey Project. Cybersecurity risks are becoming more frequent in recent years, and schools have been hit with many cyber attacks through their mobile devices. The prevention of these attacks is more important than ever, and we’ve developed some ways to help your school manage devices in the face of these threats.

In this article, we will go over how to best protect your devices from cybersecurity risks, how to improve and ensure device security, and how device management solutions can help with both of these issues.

Prevention and mitigation of Cybersecurity Threats

There are several ways to protect security in your school, and plenty of resources to enforce it. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is organized by cybersecurity experts and offers free benchmarks for your IT team to download to help safeguard your institution’s systems, especially if you use macOS devices. Other organizations to consult include the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which helps coordinate cybersecurity information sharing, and the Consortium for School Networking, which supplies tools on how to lower risks.

Ways for K-12 Schools to improve Cyber Security with device management

There are many different tools available to improve cybersecurity in schools, but perhaps the easiest way is to install antivirus software on your devices, along with network configuration solutions that prevent attacks and threats to your devices. Identity management can also help secure devices, especially when using an iPad device or Mac computer.

Identity management solutions such as Single-Sign On allow you to have one single sign on for all Apple devices connect to the school's identity provider such as Active Directory, which only the end-user has access to. This is essential for security, since it means that data, applications and other information cannot be examined by anyone who is not authorized on the device itself.

One of the best ways to ensure security is having all of your devices upload to the Cloud. Apple Devices are especially useful in this situation, as using a Managed Apple ID will integrate seamlessly with Apple School Manager. This would then ensure data recovery, as well as password protection. Apple School Manager encrypts all of the device’s information, which ensures that no one else except the end-user can access the data on the device.

Device management is an integral part of ensuring prevention against cybersecurity. It allows your school’s IT department to secure, manage and monitor all of their devices, especially when you choose devices that come with built-in security already, such as Apple’s iPad devices or Mac computers, which are known to have multiple layers of security.

How device management solutions can help you face cybersecurity risks

Using a device management solution is a great way to get stronger security to prevent threats to your school’s devices. MDM solutions help apply restrictions, passcodes, privacy extensions and more, deploying all the security solutions you need - and all through zero-touch deployment. Using an MDM allows your IT department to block access to certain applications and websites, and this can be ensured tenfold when using an Apple device. Apple devices such Mac computers offer built-in tools such as Gatekeeper and FileVault to prevent the installation of malware and viruses, and encrypt information to enhance security.

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