How to enroll Macs using an MDM for education

How to enroll Macs using an MDM for education

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The Mac deployment and management process has its own specificities, so it’s important to learn about some steps that will streamline this process in your school. The first thing to do is to enroll your macOS devices in an MDM made for education.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up and deploy your school's Mac computers using an MDM solution. This guide aims to facilitate and clearly explain the steps involved to enroll and deploy Macs to the IT team. After Mac deployment, your computers can be managed directly through the MDM solution.

There are multiple ways to configure or register your Mac computers in an MDM solution such as Mosyle. We suggest using one of the following two options: Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment or Enrollment URL.

How to enroll a Mac computer using an Enrollment URL

You can register your Mac computers manually using a URL provided by the MDM solution. For non-Automated Device Enrollment devices, our suggestion is to use the limbo enrollment method.

When you enroll your macOS device in limbo status, it means the device is enrolled in the MDM, but has not been assigned to a user or laboratory. You can later assign the Mac computer to any student or teacher, or even a shared group or lab. If you use our MDM made for education, Mosyle Manager, navigate to the My School area and assign the devices in the way that best meets your school's or district's needs. You can learn more about enrolling devices into Limbo mode and read the step-by-step instructions for a generic Enrollment URL in our Help Center.

How to enroll a Mac computer using your Apple School Manager account

Apple School Manager is the quickest way to enroll your Mac computers in an MDM server. If your devices are eligible, and your school has an Apple School Manager account, you’re already halfway there on using Automated Device Enrollment.

Remember: The former Device Enrollment Program is now integrated in a single platform, so you should access your account through the Apple School Manager portal. By using this Apple program, you can automate the supervision process and device enrollment in the MDM solution. Apple School Manager simplifies the initial setup by using Automated Device Enrollment in the MDM during the configuration, allowing you to manage devices with zero-touch.

In order to enroll your Mac computers in an MDM solution using this method, your devices must be associated with your Apple School Manager account, which needs to be integrated with your MDM solution.

You can assign devices to your MDM servers within your ASM account using the device serial number or order number, or by uploading a comma-separated value (CSV) file that contains a list of all unassigned device serial numbers.

Now, it’s time to set the configuration preferences for your devices! If you use our MDM for education, log in to your Mosyle Manager account and navigate to My School to create your Automated Device Enrollment profile under Enrollment. Select your configuration preferences and select which devices will receive the settings, then click Save. Watch our demo to learn more about our available settings.

How to complete the enrollment process of a Mac

If your devices have previously been used, you need to reformat the hard drive in order for the new Automated Device Enrollment configuration profile to be applied. This can be made within Disk Utility options.

If you are migrating from another mobile device management solution to Mosyle Manager MDM, you may be able to send a remote wipe command from your former MDM platform to all of your devices.

Using Terminal Commands

If your devices are running macOS Sierra (OS 10.12) or later, you can use Terminal Commands to apply the new Automated Device Enrollment configuration profile. Find the full step-by-step instructions on our Help Center.

Brand new devices

If your devices are brand new and have never been used or turned on, simply take the Mac out of the box and turn it on. All configuration settings from Mosyle MDM will be applied.

After your devices have been enrolled in the Mosyle MDM, you can see them listed in your Mosyle Manager account by going to the My School area. These devices will now have a green line to indicate they are enrolled in the MDM.

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