Enrolling donated devices in Apple School Manager with AC2

Enrolling donated devices in Apple School Manager with AC2

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With education technology on the rise within the last few years, it’s only fitting that more and more Apple devices are being used by K-12 schools, some of which are donated in an attempt to provide students with access to certain devices like the iPad.

With the introduction of Apple Configurator 2 (AC2), Apple devices that have been donated can be enrolled in Device Enrollment (previously DEP), an important feature that can make device management a less daunting task. Part of Apple School Manager (ASM), Device Enrollment (DEP) streamlines the device enrollment, deployment and configuration processes, saving you time through simplification.

AC2 is a free application available only for Mac computers which gives you several options such as device configurations and operations, the supervision process and enrollment into Device Enrollment (DEP).

In this article, we’ll discuss how donated iPhone, iPad and Apple TV devices can be added to Device Enrollment (DEP) within ASM and what that process entails. Only Apple devices running iOS 11+ and tvOS 11+ can be enrolled in Apple School Manager using the latest version of AC2.

It’s important to note that enrolling donated Apple devices using AC2 means that there is a 30-day imposed provisional period for those devices, and the iOS or tvOS device is always supervised with mandatory MDM management.

What is the 30-day provisional period?

When you enroll a donated device using this method, a 30-day provisional period begins once the iOS or tvOS device is activated. Any Apple devices added to Device Enrollment (DEP) within ASM can be erased from enrollment during this period only, including setup assistant and/or settings. The lock screen and setup assistant indicate the provisional period.

After the 30 days have expired, the Apple device can no longer be removed from ASM and the lock screen message will disappear. It’s important to ensure that the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV is maintained in Device Enrollment (DEP), we recommend that all end-users such as teachers and students are made aware of this fact.

How to enroll a donated device in Device Enrollment (DEP) within Apple School Manager using Apple Configurator 2

Keep in mind that the donated iPad device is always supervised and that MDM management is always mandatory when using this method. Skip keys are available during Device Enrollment (DEP) configuration which allow you to skip certain panes in the setup assistant.

Before beginning the enrollment process, create an Apple Configurator 2 profile within Mosyle Manager. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step-by-step for enrolling the iOS/tvOS device in Apple School Manager using Apple Configurator 2

1. Open the Apple Configurator 2 app on your Mac device, make sure that the app is updated to the 2.5 version, and plug your device(s) into the Mac device. Select the iOS or tvOS device(s) and click prepare from the menu at the top. Keep in mind that the device(s) should be running at least iOS 11+ and tvOS 11+.

2. Next, choose Manual Configuration, and select the Add devices to Device Enrollment Program and “Activate and Complete Enrollment” options. Keep in mind that supervision is mandatory. We recommend that all school-owned devices are supervised. Below, you will also see the option if you want to enroll the devices as Apple Shared iPads. Configure the settings and click next. Then, you can choose to enroll in a new server and click Next.

3. You will then be requested to Define an MDM Server. This is where you’ll name the MDM server. We recommend using something easy to remember such as Mosyle MDM. Afterwards, copy and paste the Enrollment URL displayed when you're creating the AC2 profile within Mosyle Manager into the Hostname or URL field in AC2. Click Next.

4. Next, you will see the trust anchor certificates associated with Mosyle Manager.

5. In the sequence, you will be prompted to enter your organization's Apple School Manager credentials (Apple ID and password). Then, click Next.

6. Choose to Generate a new supervision identity and click Next.

7. In the sequence, select the Setup Assistant steps you can skip. Then, using the dropdown menu, choose if you want to “Show all steps,” “Show only some steps,” or “Do not show any steps.” We suggest always showing “Location Services.”

8. Choose Network Profile in the next screen. You can download the Wi-Fi payload after creating the profile in Mosyle Manager. Navigate to Management > WiFi Authentication, and download the file to upload in AC2 application.

9. To complete the process, click Prepare.

Once your Apple devices have been prepared using AC2, open your Apple School Manager account so you can assign the devices to the MDM server.

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