How Apple deployment models impact learning outcomes

How Apple deployment models impact learning outcomes

Mosyle Team
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No longer are we in the days of pens and pencils in school during class and lectures, but rather in the days of iPads, Macs, and educational technology tools integrated into the lessons taught in school. Along with all of the different types of EdTech used, there are also more than one type of Apple deployment model to use in schools, and each method has their own influence on the students.

In this article we’re going to cover the more common deployment models, how they can affect certain grade levels and how they influence the students and teachers. Make sure you leave your comments down below and let us know what you thought of this article!

Lower Grade Levels

The lower grade levels are from Kindergarten until the 5th Grade, with kids up to 10 years old. Nowadays, children are getting familiar with the technology younger than ever. That's why it's important to introduce these devices and guide them through the proper and healthy use of it.

At Tuckerton Elementary School, Kindergarten students start with the iPad, getting used to how to scroll, click, and overall navigate it. They then work their way through all types of Apple devices, you can see more on their Education Technology program here.

Ursuline Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana, has put Education technology in place at their School. In the Lower School division, they have integrated a shared iPad program. When iPads are in a shared mode, classrooms usually have a certain number of iPads, which will dictate how many students are able to use each device during the class, typically with a classroom cart with the students already being assigned to them. You can find out more on shared iPads here.

A great way to get the younger students more familiar with the devices, and encourage their creativity, is Apple’s Everyone Can Create Program. This was created to bring out the creativity in students through Apple Books, Drawing, Photos and more! Not only will this help the students become more engaged, it’ll allow them to bring their creativity to the classroom and lessons!

Middle School

In the middle school grades of 6th-8th, students will be able to use the Apple devices integrated with lessons, improving their learning experiences. The 1:1 iPad program allows them to have a better experience while studying in and out the classroom.

Students typically can access their entire workload for their classes directly from the iPad, wherever there’s Wifi, even at home. What can drastically help students learning experience in this deployment model (and also help the IT administrators and teachers) are the Managed Apple IDs. This is an account created for the student from the organization (school or district) using the Apple School Manager portal. By logging in the device using the Managed Apple IDs, it will be easier for IT admins to distribute educational Books for students using ASM, for example. All of that will allow the student to learn in a way they’re comfortable with, having all the educational resources they need on the device.

Cupertino Union School District in California uses an astounding 19,000 iPads in their 1:1 iPad Program. They are able to monitor and take note of the students ability to learn from the many different apps and learning tools. Another school that is achieving great success with the 1:1 iPad program for Middle School is Ursuline Academy. The students are able to take the iPad’s home, using certain apps and other Technology Tools in order to check their homework, projects or quizzes and tests.

It’s very important to hear the opinions of the students, and what they think of using the iPad’s in their class and in this video, you get to hear the thoughts from the students at Mary Help of Christians Academy on using their iPad during school, and they share how their own teachers help them use and manage the device in the best way for education.

High School

Going into High school, students up to this point have used iPads and Macs in different deployment types, and are familiar with how to operate these devices. In High School, we must prepare the students for not only College, but developing skills that will be critical when they get into work. Mac Devices at the High School level of education is one of the ways that you can do just that. Students will be using the Mac devices during the School day to work on their classwork, projects, or in some cases, accessing all their homework at home.

At Immaculata - La Salle High School, Students use a 1:1 iPad program, and use them during class for assignments and projects, but also use a specific type of curriculum, known as the Coworking Classroom. This was modeled off coworking spaces in some startups. You can find out more about that, here.

At Ursuline Academy, at the beginning of the year each student is assigned a MacBook to use throughout the school year. They have access to it 24/7 and outside of the school hours, they can access homework and other assignments at home. As they get closer to graduating, the technology and the tools that accompany them, become more course specific. Then at the end of the year, when they are set to graduate, they check it in.

Teachers and Apple Devices in School

Students aren’t the only ones that the technology influences, it also definitely impacts the Teachers and Staff as well. It allows them to build their curriculum using the Mosyle Manager App and Apple’s Classroom App, in addition to educational applications and the Everyone Can Create program, to provide the best way of teaching the students.

At Feaster Charter School, the iPad is at the core of their curriculum, and the teachers are able to do so much from their own devices that can help the students learning experiences, while also being able to track the students progress. Some of the known progress is an increase in engagement and motivation in the students, along with the introduction to digital technology tools positively impacting their literacy and math skills as well, you can learn more about that here.

All of these Apple deployments are supported by our Apple mobile device management solution made exclusively for K-12 institutions. With extended-MDM capabilities designed for keeping students, teachers and EdTech coaches in mind, Mosyle Manager provides all the features any school or school district needs to successfully deploy and manage their Apple devices. Do you want to start managing iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices in the most intuitive and enjoyable way in your educational institution? Go ahead and open your free account today!

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