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Mosyle Manager device management - Featuring support for macOS devices

Mosyle Manager device management - Featuring support for macOS devices

Mosyle Team
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We’re proud to announce the official version of Mosyle Manager for macOS is now available! Since January 2017, we’ve released three beta versions of our device management system for Macs. During this testing period, we received incredible feedback from our amazing early-adopters. Mosyle Team is happy to release the simplest, most robust, and powerful tool to manage Apple devices. You can try it now by signing up for free on our website.

Based on all of the messages, thoughts, and needs shared by our customers, we were able to focus on polishing existing features and, of course, adding improvements and new functionalities. We’re extremely grateful for all the feedback that continues to help us improve Mosyle Manager and develop the best Mac management for Schools and Districts.

We received great feedback from customers during the beta about our easy deployment flow. We designed each process to make Mac deployment as straightforward as it is in our MDM for iOS devices. Including integration with all Apple Programs, such as Apple School Manager (ASM), Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

“What we bring to the table is much more than just managing macOS devices. We’re now giving any educator the opportunity to be a master of macOS remote management”, said Alcyr Araujo, CEO of Mosyle Corporation. One of the most highlighted features of Mosyle Manager for macOS is the area built exclusively for Classroom Management.

The Mosyle Class Manager integrates new functionalities to empower teachers especially if they are teaching in a Mac computer lab. The interface is very easy and intuitive, helping teachers guide students during lessons. Check out more details about the features of Class Manager in our landing page exclusively about MDM tools for teachers.

For the IT Staff, our fantastic Development Team designed features to meet the needs of technology professionals working in educational environments. Here at Mosyle, we focus on facilitating the routines of IT professionals working in Schools and Districts - and with the Mosyle Manager for macOS it wasn’t any different.

We developed the best experience to setup management profiles that matter, when thinking about managing Mac labs in schools. That’s why Mosyle Manager gives IT professionals the most effective tools to create local users, configure the view of the login window, and remotely install printers.

Amongst all the features designed for IT professionals, we’re especially proud to announce the ability to push PKG applications and Custom Commands to your entire Mac fleet. Check out other amazing functionalities in our landing page about MDM tools for IT.

Mosyle Manager has been designed to streamline device deployment in your school. Sign up for free now and receive fast, reliable support to assist you every step of the way.

Check out some thoughts of our early-adopters about Mosyle Manager for macOS:

MDM protocol extended with self-developed tools for the perfect Mac management

Deploy Mac using the best Apple MDM designed just for K12 and Higher Ed institutions

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