Developing students’ critical thinking skills with iPads

Developing students’ critical thinking skills with iPads

Mosyle Team
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Critical thinking skills are an important part of a student’s development and are learned throughout their lifetime. Teaching students how to think critically can help them prepare for the real world, where they’ll be faced with complexities and expected to analyze, evaluate and problem-solve for themselves.

These skills are learned in both their professional and personal lives, but the foundation for those critical thinking skills are laid down in K-12 education, and with the help of teachers, students can develop those skills in a way that is most beneficial. One way this can be done is through the use of education technology, more specifically, Apple’s iPad.

The iPad can help students develop their critical thinking skills in many ways by building the optimal digital learning environment. In this article, we’ll go over how the iPad helps develop those skills and share some ideas on how to increase students’ level of critical thinking.

How iPads help develop critical thinking skills

The iPad is a multi-purpose technology tool that helps teachers and students reach educational goals. Using iPads in the classroom helps students achieve certain critical thinking skills such as analysis, reflection, explanation and more by giving students access to information that broadens their perspective. When coupled with a mobile device management (MDM) solution, the iPad becomes an even more powerful way of creating an engaging environment in which students feel comfortable exploring the diverse depth of knowledge available to them.

The iPad offers many features and multimedia apps that make it easier for students to develop their critical thinking skills, such as the Classroom App. Classroom App helps teachers use the iPad to manage student’s devices and launch certains apps/websites on those devices during classes. Teachers can use the app to project student work, this means that the Classroom App also helps promote collaboration by allowing for peer review amongst students.

The Schoolwork App, which is also available on the App Store, lets you harness the power of the iPad in the classroom by allowing teachers to easily collect assignments and assist them one-on-one. This also promotes collaboration and allows for students to receive feedback, helping them think critically about their work. Using the Schoolwork App or the Classroom App with an MDM solution such as Mosyle Manager means that your IT specialists can easily deploy a fleet of devices and make these features available to teachers, allowing them to build critical thinking skills using a single, integrated platform.

How to further enhance critical thinking skills using iPad

Reflection is an important critical thinking skill that can further help students grow. Teachers can provide activities and homework on the iPad that gives students the chance to see how they’re accomplishing their goals or see how to improve. Journals or other creative writing assignments help students work on their analytical skills as well.

These assignments can be completed using certain apps that come pre-installed on the iPad, such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers which are part of the recently updated iWork suite. Using apps like these help students conceptualize their work.

Using the iPad to craft stories can be inspiring and motivating to students of all ages, igniting the creativity within them. The iPad comes equipped with apps such as iMovie and Garageband so students can easily and quickly create, regardless of age or technical skill level. The process of creating projects can help students learn how to evaluate their work and rework based on what they learn. These are lifelong skills that students can rely on during and after K-12.

Students who learn critical thinking skills can feel more prepared for the real world, using what they’ve learned to face situations with a more informed perspective. Using the iPad in the classroom can make working on and sharpening those skills a more effective process overall for both teachers and students.

MDM solutions like Mosyle Manager, which is tailored for schools, amplify the power of the iPad by streamlining device deployment so teachers can focus on helping students. Open a free account of the MDM that better help you integrate your digital environment with Apple for Education tools such as Classroom and Schoolwork app!

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