Comparing Chromebook and iPad Management

Comparing Chromebook and iPad Management

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When choosing which hardware to deploy in your school or district, the first thing to take a look at is the potential of the devices to positively impact learning experiences. Previously, we explored the main differences between the iPad and the Chromebook, and why Apple devices are the best for learning.

However, as an IT administrator, it's also critical to evaluate the key technology aspects of choosing one device over another - especially when analyzing the required workflows for deployment, the time that will be spent on the initial setup and how easy and smooth device management can be on a daily basis.

Many IT administrators share the opinion that the iPad is the best device to support schools and their learning goals, and we will go over the reasons why the iPad is also the best for meeting your technology needs. Let's get a closer look by comparing Chromebook and iPad Management.

Operating System: Apple's iPadOS vs Chrome OS

The operating system is the first point you should evaluate when making the decision of which device will be deployed in your school, since the OS will indicate how the deployment will actually happen.

The iPadOS offers users an ecosystem based on an application experience. This means that the deployment and iPad management will be very app focused. This OS aspect is also good in terms of security, considering that the apps are made available by Apple on the App Store after a meticulous evaluation.

Chrome OS is a digital environment based on the Web, so deploying and managing Chromebooks in schools will be focused on setting up Internet configuration and filtering content from the Web and Youtube. Google's operating system offers all the applications of G-Suite for Education that are really great tools for students.

All the G-Suite apps are available on the App Store for iPad devices, so students and teachers can enjoy these applications if needed. In addition, Apple provides schools with great applications such as Classroom and Schoolwork, as well as curriculums like Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code, that makes a positive impact on learning experience, unleashing students' creativity.

With all these features, applications and programs, it becomes clear that it’s a myth that the iPad device is about consumption, not production. In fact, we could say that it is radically the opposite. With the touch screen and the possibility of connecting to a keyboard and a mouse, iPad can be the most complete creation platform, from Kindergarten to High School.

iPad or Chromebook Deployment in K-12 Institutions?

Device deployment is definitely one of the most important key points to evaluate when choosing between iPads and Chromebooks. Since their operating systems are so different, deploying those devices will be different as well. Another aspect that differentiates Chromebooks from iPads is the software and tool set available for IT administrators to operate the initial setup of the devices.

While Chromebooks already have a management tool sold by Google, you should choose a third-party mobile device management solution for managing your school's iPad fleet. Typically, that's the big difference that makes a lot of IT admins to choose Chromebooks. However, it's important to keep in mind the extra power the IT department has when integrating Apple School Manager (ASM) and a mobile device management (MDM) solution to enjoy the most streamlined, zero-touch deployment.

Apple School Manager provides schools with great tools that organize in single portal users, devices, and apps and books, helping IT teams to keep track of the programs. In addition, deploying iPads using ASM supervises the iOS devices. This way, teams can avoid the management profile being removed from the device- one of the biggest concerns of K-12 institutions- since students need to remain protected while using the devices.

Apple provides its Profile Manager, but there are many third-party solutions with exclusive tools and unique workflows and interfaces that can leverage your deployment even more. By choosing a third-party MDM vendor such as Mosyle, you will have access not only to the device management protocol features, but also a unique, personalized way to deploy the devices in your school.

Privacy and Security of iPads vs Chromebooks

The operating systems of iPad devices and Chromebooks are very different in many ways. From a security perspective, Apple definitely offers K-12 institutions an extra layer of protection due to many reasons.

Apple has all the key product certifications, cryptographic validations and security guidance for iPadOS devices. The iPad is a very powerful device, designed to be protected from many hardware vulnerabilities that could affect virtual processors with malicious code, which definitely means more security for the students and teachers.

In addition to that, its application-centric approach ensures that only allowed apps are installed on the school's device. Many administrators worry about students removing the management profile from the iPadOS devices, but an important feature available when enrolling devices into an MDM solution is that the remote management profiles are mandatory. This means that the student can't remove it. Using Apple School Manager has many other benefits that you can understand here.

Pricing of the Management

Many administrators see that a benefit to Chromebooks is that they already provide a native device management solution, acquired for a very low and fixed value. It's true that most Apple-only MDMs in the market are priced high, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Mosyle Manager is the most cost-effective MDM solution in the educational market, with unique tools designed for K-12 institutions.

Some schools have designed their financial standards around different models offered by other platforms, so we understand that as an Apple MDM for Education, it's our responsibility to be flexible and offer educational institutions all they need for making Apple deployment even more enjoyable - even in the financial aspect of it.

With this mission in mind, we strive to help customers make financial decisions with confidence and transparency. You don't need to choose between a Pro product and a stripped-down product for Schools. Mosyle Manager works for schools of all sizes and has a flexible pricing plans. We have no hidden fees, no strings attached to create an account, and the most straightforward purchasing process to make it easier for our customers.

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