The Benefits of MDM-Based and Agent-Based Device Management Solutions for Your K-12 School

The Benefits of MDM-Based and Agent-Based Device Management Solutions for Your K-12 School

Mosyle Team
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With the increase of Apple device usage in the classroom, there are many solutions available to manage and deploy them. One of the most common solutions for iPad devices, Mac computers and Apple TVs is an MDM, and now Agent-based solutions are rising to the top.

You have most likely heard of MDM solutions, and may even use one at your school already. However, Agent application programs are a great way to manage Mac computers in an easier and faster way. In this article, we will go over what an MDM solution is versus an Agent application and what the benefits of each one are.

MDM-based solutions for Apple devices

A mobile device management solution is the process of deploying, securing and managing Apple devices such as iPad devices, Mac computers and Apple TVs within a school or district. This allows your team to use mobile devices while protecting your classroom’s data. MDM solutions allow for IT administrators to be able to configure policies and push those policies to the device. MDM also provides management over your K-12 school’s Apple devices to provide constant monitoring and managing.

Apple MDM solutions work through the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and store the information from your school’s Apple devices in the cloud. Because of this, the solution is sometimes slower to communicate with the device due to network or other server issues. These network issues happen because most MDM functions are operation-based rather than state-based.

Some of the features of an MDM solution that you can take advantage of include:

Agent-based app for macOS

An Agent app is an application installed on Mac computers that continuously collects updated device information directly from the computer, which makes managing the macOS devices faster. Some of the information that is collected includes which apps are installed on the Mac computer and how the applications are used while not collecting any personal data from the student.

The Agent app works through a locally installed agent that runs through a remote server to get device information that reports back to the admin team. This allows IT administrators to manage and control Apple devices all at once. While this program needs to be installed on all of the school’s Mac computers, once it is installed, the Apple device can be tracked if it is connected to the school’s network. Some of the benefits to using an Agent app include:

Mac Management with Mosyle

For Mac management, Mosyle provides both MDM-based and macOS Agent features. Our Agent App for Mac helps Admins accomplish system-level tasks like running custom scripts, installing third-party software and installing PKGs. The Agent app is also the Self-Service Mosyle app in which you are able to create your school's application library as an in-house app and book catalog for students and teachers to install the software they need.

This will empower them with an easy way to have all the educational tools and configurations needed to promote the best learning experience.

Admins are able to make sure everything is running properly by viewing information about the Apps, Printers and Chrome extensions that were installed and/or removed from the Mac computers, along with general information that is available on the Device Info.

Administrators can also track the progress of application and software installations that were distributed using PKG files and Apple’s Apps and Books. To get the most out of your MDM and agent-based solutions, be sure that your Mac devices have been deployed properly.

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