Quick Tip: How to change user assignment on Apple devices

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To make the most of Mosyle Manager, we provide tips that help you achieve successful Apple deployment in your school or district. You can listen to the quick tips by clicking the play button on the Soundcloud track above!

Our latest quick tip is about changing user assignment. This is an easy way to change the location of a device, or where a device is assigned (e.g. shared cart) all in one place.

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Audio Transcript

Today’s tip for success is changing user assignment. By doing this, you’re changing the device location.

To do this, log in to Mosyle Manager and click on Management from the menu at the bottom. Select Devices (Bulk Operations) from the menu on the left. Make sure you’re in the Device Enrollment tab.

Click on the name of the device for which you’d like to change assignments. Navigate to where it says Type. It should display the device’s current assignment. Click on the Change option located to the right of that.

Open the dropdown menu and choose the option that best fits your needs. You have the option of assigning the device to a student or user, or to a shared cart. You also have the option of switching the device to limbo, which means that the device is enrolled but unassigned.

When you’re done, click save.

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