Benefits of the Mosyle Manager App

Benefits of the Mosyle Manager App

Mosyle Team
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Many device management features and capabilities are applied on the Apple devices through the Mosyle Manager App. When this is combined with Classroom, Schoolwork or any other great application made by Apple, it can be a huge benefit to teachers and IT admins.

In this article we’re going to go over some of the most powerful features and capabilities of our app that, when installed on student devices, can support teachers’ use of technology in the classroom. When integrated with lessons and lectures this can better the learning experience for your students.

Read on to learn more of the great benefits of our app, that you as an IT admin can make available in your school. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Shared iPads

When your school uses shared iPad carts in the classroom, the Mosyle Manager App can be very useful. If your school has iOS devices that are not eligible for Apple Shared iPads, you are able to use the Shared Carts feature available in Mosyle Manager solution and use the application for the login authentication. If your school has iPads that are eligible for Apple Shared, we recommend adding those devices into Apple School Manager/DEP using Apple Configurator 2.

In the case of Mosyle Shared carts, the students are able to sign into the device with their proper login credentials - which would be a QR code/Access code that has been generated and given to them by the IT admin. Once done, the student will be able to login into the Apple device under their account.

This feature is also very helpful when it comes to keeping track of the devices themselves and which students are using them. With this feature, the students will be able to pick up on their applications where they last left off. This will help to make sure the students are staying on track, but also how they treat, operate and benefit from using the devices during the school day.

Integration with Apple's Classroom App

The integration of Apple’s Classroom App and the Mosyle Manager app is another great reason why it’s beneficial to install our application on the devices. When integrated with our mobile device management solution, some workflows are automated, offering teachers a much easier way to manage the devices using the tools offered by Apple and keeping students focused on the lessons and activities.

If you want to understand how the Classroom App works with or without an MDM solution, read our article in which we compare both methods and show you why to deploy a device management solution integrated with this Apple application .

Self Service area

The Self Service Area, which works as an Application Library or an App Catalog, is another feature of the Mosyle Manager app that is very important. When teachers recommend applications or books that can be useful in their overall lesson plan, they will be displayed for students in this area.

As an IT administrator, you’re able to offer students applications, books and profile managements in this area, which can be based on their strengths and weaknesses or can be used to challenge them even further. When distributing books using Apple School Manager, we highly recommend creating Managed Apple IDs for students.

When using MacOS devices, IT admins are also able to offer students Custom Commands on the Self Service area that will be applied to the device. Custom Commands can help you save time when it comes to the overall management of the device. You’re also able to change settings within the User Interface. The end User - the student or teacher in this case - can choose to either apply the custom command to their device or not while using it.

This will give the students more freedom while using the devices during the school day. We highly recommend testing the Custom Command/Script before making it available for students in the Self Service area. Mosyle Manager provides an area within the dashboard, so you can operate testing.

Mosyle Agent

By the way, the Mosyle Agent is a very powerful application when installed on your school's Mac devices. With the Mosyle Agent on Macs, you will have access to our self-developed MDM features and commands necessary for powerful management of macOS devices, accomplishing the system-level tasks. For example, to run the Custom Scripts on your managed Macs, the Mosyle Manager application Agent is required on the devices.

You can use the Mosyle Manager to provide an easier experience to teachers and students by setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) so they can login into the app quickly. SSO allows end-users to access multiple parts of a system, which eliminates the need to log In more than once and saves time in the process. Admins can set up SSO on the Mosyle Manager App, so students and teachers can easily access important applications, softwares and tools that enhance learning.

Do you have any further questions about Mosyle Manager app? We have a team of specialists that can help answer them! Get in touch with us!

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