How Shared iPads can benefit your school

How Shared iPads can benefit your school

Mosyle Team
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Apple Shared iPads is something quite new to Education Technology, and there is still some important information to learn about it. The impact it can have on the school itself and the influence on the learning experience and students that it can have are both impressive!

In this article we’re going to go over what exactly Apple Shared is, the benefits of using it and how schools are using this type of model in their Education Technology programs.

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What exactly is Apple Shared iPads

Apple Shared iPads allow multiple users that have a Managed Apple ID to log into the iPads so different students can share the same device during the school day.

A Managed Apple ID is unique and specific towards education and this will allow the IT Administrators to set restrictions and configurations, which will also help them manage the devices on a daily basis if integrated with an MDM solution. It is also a requirement so students can log into the shared iPad.

It will allow the students to log into their account on the iPad that’s specific to themselves and for that said class or lecture. For example, one student will log into their account on the iPad during first period of Science.

When the class is over they’d sign out and when the next class begins, the next student will sign into their account on the same iPad device. All of their saved work, assignments and notes will all be saved in iCloud!

It’s very simple how it works, simply just log into the correct account on the iPad with the proper four digit pin, like the passcode on the iPhone, and they’ll be logged in. There’s a photo ID option as well, which will allow the teachers to see what student most recently used the iPad last. This makes it easy to backtrack if needed.

Benefits of Apple Shared iPads

Apple Shared iPads have some cool benefits, and one of them is the learning experience for students and having it be a unique one, no matter what device the student logs into, because all of their work will be accessible right away. This is done through the overall experience of Apple features for Education, and the combination of also using Apple’s Classroom App, you can find our review on that here.

But the greatest benefit to using Apple Shared iPads is from a budgetary view, especially for small educational institutions. If you are limited to a set amount of iOS devices per room, then Apple Shared iPads are the way to go.

It won’t hinder the learning experience at all as you can have up to five users (students) registered to each device, and all of their work will remain saved and exactly how they left it. Also, Apple Shared iPads is easy to configure using Apple School Manager and an MDM solution, helping you as an IT administrator provide the best learning tools easily.

Setting up your Apple Shared iPad and Next Steps

Before you can set up the Apple Shared iPads, there are some requirements that you must meet first. The following requirements are needed in order for Apple Shared iPads to work:

Once these requirements are obtained, you can start to have the iPads in the shared mode.

From this point, they have to be integrated into the mobile device management (MDM) solution so you can deploy and manage them. Learn more about Mosyle Manager, the Apple management solution designed exclusively for K-12 institutions. Open your free account today!

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