Why you should use both MDM and Apple’s Classroom App

Why you should use both MDM and Apple’s Classroom App

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From the Classroom App 2.0 on Apple made it possible for teachers to use the application in their lessons without the need for a mobile device management (MDM) solution.

In this article, we explore the Classroom App features launched for this new academic year, both with and without an MDM solution. We find there are several benefits, especially for IT professionals, in using the Classroom App with an MDM solution for education.

How the Classroom App works without an MDM

In addition to the older features, the Classroom App 2.1 allows teachers and students to share documents using the new drag and drop functionality in iOS 11. Teachers are also able to mute the audio of their students' devices during class and to view a summary of student activity timelines when they end a class session.

Without the MDM solution, teachers need to manually create the class using their iPads and invite nearby students to join. In order for students to find and participate in the class, they need to navigate to Settings > Classroom App. Then, the students must enter the four-digit code shared by the teacher. They are able to participate in more than one class, with the same teacher or different teachers.

This method certainly requires a longer and more detailed preparation by the teachers, and they should spend precious teachable minutes doing this. In addition, the student will need to repeat the same process with all teachers, which can be really boring for a teenager and pretty difficult when using iPads in the early years of school.

How the Classroom App works with an MDM solution for education

With an MDM solution, teachers have access to all the great features of the Apple Classroom App and do not need to spend a minute configuring the classes.

By using an MDM solution for education that is fully integrated with the Classroom App and Apple Programs (such as Apple School Manager), you definitely optimize workflows with technology in your school, streamlining device deployment and user data importing.

If the MDM server is designed to meet your school’s needs, you can also prepare all the tech-environment for the teachers and students. The teachers who would like to use the Classroom App are able to view the classes and periods they teach, and students are bound to classes.

Check out the features available for the different Apple’s Classroom App use modes:

Check out the features available for the different Apple’s Classroom App

Does an MDM solution do more for your school?

Teachers shouldn’t have to spend time setting up technology. What they need is the ability to press a button to apply settings and configurations, so they can immediately start the class.

That’s why MDM allows shared management of student devices between IT Staff and classroom teachers. In this way, IT staff simply needs to prepare all class configurations at once and let the teachers take it from there.

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