Start Using Mosyle

Check through this overview to get started using Mosyle Manager to deploy, manage, monitor and provision the Apple devices in your school or district:

1. Operating System

Mosyle Manager provides multi-OS support, so you are able to manage iOS, macOS and tvOS devices using the same platform.

2. Dashboard

This area provides you with the most important information about your Apple deployment. You are able to view the number of devices enrolled, as well as the pending and failed commands. You can also see billing info and when your Push Certificate will expire. Commands applied by teachers to the devices and other alerts about user data and device info can also be found here.

3. My School

In the My School tab, you will be able to configure your Mosyle account by navigating through the Basic Setup area to create the Push Certificate, integrate Apple School Manager and proceed with the Enrollment. You can also integrate Active Directory, Single Sign-On and Mosyle Auth in this area.

4. Management

Here you can create all the management profiles, such as Install App, Wifi Authentication and Restrictions by navigating through this tab. You can also enjoy features that will help you streamline management such as Device Groups, App Center and Device Info.

5. Class Manager

In this area, we provide a full set of capabilities to help educators manage iPad devices and Mac computers within the classroom. You can configure the MDM solution in order to fully integrate these features to Apple's tools for Education, such as the Classroom App and Schoolwork App. In addition to all these capabilities, teachers can easily request applications to the IT team using this area.

6. Preferences

In the Preferences tab, you are able to configure the settings for each MDM platform as well as set the ScreenGuide integration, allowing parents to manage the school-owned device at home.

7. Support

Navigate through the Help Center when you have questions about the features or workflows, and get in touch with the most reliable Support Team by creating a ticket!

Now let's get started deploying the devices with Mosyle by exploring the Basic Setup Area within Mosyle Manager.