Manual Enrollment

The Manual Enrollment method is for quickly enrolling a small amount of Apple devices by manually entering an Enrollment URL on Safari. This method does not require wiping the device or the supervised mode.

The Manual Enrollment method is available for iPad and iPhone devices, as well as for Mac computers.

Important note: Assign the devices later to any User or Device Group. Keep in mind that if the devices are not currently in supervised mode, they will remain unsupervised if you choose to enroll manually using the URL. Choose the Automated Device Enrollment or Apple Configurator 2 enrollment methods if you need to take the advantages of the supervised mode.

Important note: If enrolling macOS devices with macOS 10.13 or earlier, you should manually enroll the device and then upgrade them. If enrolling Macs with macOS 10.13 or later, you should manually enroll the device. The user must approve the enrollment.