Enroll Mac Computers with Automated Device Enrollment

The Automated Device Enrollment method is a great method to enroll your Mac Computers using Mosyle Manager, allowing you to configure all the necessary deployment configurations while taking all the advantages of the zero-touch deployment. It will improve your workflows as well as save you time.

In this section, you will learn how to deploy Mac computers that are associated with your Apple School Manager account.

Important note: to select the option "Authentication with AD during setup assistant", please make sure to integrate the Active Directory properly with Mosyle Manager. Check out how to do it in the section about Active Directory.

Heads up: on macOS 10.15+ , you can force user authentication with Mosyle credentials or your Identity Provider (Single Sign-On) during the Setup Assistant. To do that, you just need to enable "Customize Setup Assistant" and add the screen "Mosyle User Authentication" or "Single Sign-On Authentication".

Mosyle Manager also offers advanced options of configurations to be installed on the devices during the enrollment process. You can check the option "Install the InstallApplication" PKG, which allows you to install any signed PKG from other management software (such as Munki). You can also configure NoMAD in this step. We provide all the details of this workflow within the Mosyle Manager platform.

Important Note: If the devices are still boxed, they will receive a Device Enrollment (DEP) configuration during the Setup Assistant steps on the device (first steps). If the devices have already been used, they must be formatted to receive this Device Enrollment (DEP) configuration.

If your devices are running macOS 10.12.4 or later, and you don’t want to format them, you can use the Terminal to apply this Device Enrollment (DEP) configuration profile running the command below.

  • For Mac OS 10.12.4 through 10.13.4 use: sudo profiles -N
  • For Mac OS 10.13.4 and later use: sudo profiles renew -type enrollment

Heads up: You must have Admin rights to the Mac in order to run this command.

Shared Mac for Mac Labs using Automated Device Enrollment

To enroll the Mac computers that are in your Apple School Manager account as Shared Macs, you should create the Shared Cart before configuring the Automated Device Enrollment profile.

When configuring the Automated Device Enrollment management profile, choose the option Shared Macs when selecting the model of deployment and select the group you created to proceed with the configuration.