Enroll iPad and iPhone devices with Automated Device Enrollment

Enrolling iPad and iPhone devices using the Automated Device Enrollment method with Mosyle Manager is the easiest way to deploy a large amount of devices, by taking all the advantages of the zero-touch deployment at your K-12 School.

In this section, you will learn how to deploy iPad and iPhone devices that are associated with your Apple School Manager account.

In order to complete the Automated Device Enrollment process and install the MDM configuration profile, the device must go through the initial setup. If the iPad devices and/or iPhones are brand new, simply take the device out of the box and turn it on. If your devices have previously been used, you'll need to wipe and restart them in order for the new Automated Device Enrollment configuration profile to be applied.

To wipe the device, go to the “Settings” application on the device, click “General”, select “Reset” and “Erase all content settings”. If you are using currently another device management solution, you are able to send a command to remove the configuration profile and wipe the devices remotely. You can check other tips on how to migrate from another MDM provider in our guide.

After saving the management profile, you can click on “View Devices” from the Apple School Manager accounts list to check out all the Apple devices enrolled in this particular ASM account. Devices will be color-coded based on the configuration profile status: No profile associated, Profile associated and Profile installed.

Specific Configurations for Apple Shared iPad devices

Shared iPad devices

Shared iPad carts provide an easy way to organize groups of multi-user iPad devices. There are two different ways to enroll iPad devices as shared devices in Mosyle Manager: Apple Shared iPad or Mosyle Shared. Apple Shared iPad mode requires that iPad devices are enrolled in your Apple School Manager account and meet specific hardware requirements. You can find more information regarding requirements below:

Features and requirements for Shared iPad devices:

Mosyle Shared Tablets
Apple Shared Tablets
iOS Version
iOS 8 or Later
iOS 9.3 or Later
Supervised iPads
iPads enrolled in DEP
ASM Account
User Authentication
Mosyle QR/Access Code
Managed Apple ID
iPad Version
No Requirements
iPads Air 2, Pro, Mini 4
iCloud Data Sync
Bluetooth Enabled
Internet Connection

How to create the Shared Carts within Mosyle Manager

Before you get started configuring the Automated Device Enrollment profile, we recommend that you create the Shared Carts within Mosyle Manager to streamline your deployment workflow.

Turn on each iPad (if new and never been turned on) or restore it (if used). When restoring, be sure to select the option "Erase all content and settings".

In the case of Apple Shared iPad devices, users will be prompted to log in with a Managed Apple ID once the iPad devices restart, using their temporary password generated by Apple School Manager. Once users log in with their temporary password, they will be required to create a new 4-, 6- or 8-digit passcode (depending on the passcode policy established in Apple School Manager).