Install Packages onto Mac computers

Check out the steps to install applications to macOS devices by pushing a PKG file. You will see that there are two different methods for creating your PKG file using Mosyle Manager MDM.

Generate .PKG with Mosyle:

To generate .PKG using Mosyle, click on “Already have the .pkg file”. Here you have two ways to generate the .PKG: use your own Mac computer or generate the file remotely. In both cases, the device should be enrolled in Mosyle Manager.

If you would like to generate from your own macOS device, click on “Open PKG Generator”. The Mosyle App will open and offer you the steps to generate the PKG.

If you want to generate it remotely, click on “Select the Mac” to choose the device, and click on “Done”.

There will be a list of installed apps that you can generate the PKG for:

Already have a PKG:

Creating the Profile: