Before You Get Started

Before you jump into your iPad and/or Mac Deployment, here are a few important things to know.

1. The Basics of MDM

If this is your first Apple device deployment, we highly recommend you read our guide about the Basics of MDM in Schools. You’ll get the initial steps you need for managing Apple devices in educational environments.

2. Network Connection

An MDM solution can be a powerful and beneficial tool for both the IT staff and teachers, but the platform doesn’t work alone. The MDM solution communicates with devices through push commands sent by Apple's servers as requested by the MDM software, which is dependent upon a valid Internet connection. That's why this infrastructure needs to be built and configured properly to avoid any future headaches.

We’ve made a guide that includes best practices and tips on improving the Network and getting the MDM solution to work seamlessly.

3. MDM Migration Guide

This guide is a summary of the most important steps for migrating your MDM solution with important instructions that will help you succeed in your migration journey, such as documenting workflows, creating the migration plan, exporting assets and re-enrolling devices.

4. Supervision

Apple devices can be managed under two modes: Supervised and Not Supervised. If you don’t know the difference between the two modes and the benefits of supervising the devices, read the article below.