Basic Setup Area

The Basic Setup area contains important steps for setting up Mosyle Manager that will help ensure a smooth deployment experience all in one place. This includes information on how to set up your Apple Push Certificate, integrating Apple School Manager and the options for enrolling devices. Navigate to the My School tab and check the Basic Setup Area at the top left of the screen.

Push Certificate

Setting up your Push Certificate is the first step to configuring your MDM solution. This is what helps Mosyle Manager communicate with your Apple devices. The Push Certificate establishes a trusted connection between your devices and the MDM server.

In the Push Certificate section, you’ll learn how to create your certificate if you are just setting up Mosyle Manager for the first time. You will find the steps for reviewing the Push Certificate in the same section, in case you already use our MDM solution and it is close to its annual expiration.

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager (ASM) is a web-based portal that offers many different features that can make your Apple deployment even easier. It helps with device enrollment, purchasing content such as apps and creating user accounts along with Managed Apple IDs.

Integrating Apple School Manager with Mosyle Manager streamlines the setup process, so we recommend creating an Apple School Manager account for your school if you haven’t already. You can find the steps for integrating Apple School Manager with Mosyle and other useful information by clicking on the link below.

Enrollment Methods

Enrolling your iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices is easy with Mosyle Manager, which offers a few different methods for enrollment including Automated Device Enrollment, User Enrollment and Manual Enrollment.