Integrate SIS or SFTP with Apple School Manager

You can integrate your Student Information System (SIS) with Apple School Manager. By performing this integration you will be able to synchronize information like student and teacher names, classes, courses and grade levels with Apple School Manager and Mosyle.

You are able to assign roles to the school's staff, teachers and students, and set their initial passwords. When adding information within your SIS, the Apple School Manager will automatically update the changes you have made.

When SIS is integrated with Apple School Manager it will generate a unique ID for each user in your school. Apple School Manager also synchronizes data about grade levels, courses and users during the year. For example, if a student joins after the school year has started and is added to the SIS, the student's Managed Apple ID will be created as Apple School Manager syncs with the SIS periodically.

Please follow the instructions described on the Apple documentation to complete the SIS integration:

Best practices to merge data using CSV templates

There are some better practices to help you merge user data from your SIS to Apple School Manager and Mosyle via our CSV spreadsheets.

There is usually a field in your SIS or another system that contains a unique value for each person, class, course and location. This unique value is important if the records are combined. For example, if you have a student in your SIS and its value is 201701, no other user can have that same value. On most SIS systems, this value cannot be changed.

Important note: If you import data using a different value and then try to connect your SIS to the Apple School Manager to combine the data, any record with conflicting unique values will cause the creation of new accounts even if the record is the same.

When you download and insert information into the templates pay special attention to information relating to: