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Free deployment and management for Apple TVs in the classroom

Mosyle Manager MDM provides tvOS management for all customers with no cost associated.

Reduce IT management time with zero-touch deployment. Make it easier for teachers to integrate Apple TV during classes

When deploying Apple TVs, the goal is to make it easier for IT administrators while making it even smoother for teachers to integrate it during the class. Through the AirPlay functionality, Apple TVs stream a live view of whatever is on a Mac computer or an iOS device’s screen, like iPads, iPhones, and iPods. Mosyle Manager MDM provides all the management features you need to deploy and manage any Apple TV (tvOS 10.2+) with zero-touch. And for free!

Deploy and manage Macs using Mosyle Manager

Zero-touch configuration for AirPlay settings

Using our Apple TV management, set up the code and password requirements to use AirPlay streaming, as well as the Conference Room Display mode instructions.

Allow only the educational apps during classes

Using Mosyle, you are able to remotely install and remove Enterprise apps, and also choose which installed Apps will be allowed or blocked to use during classes.

Choose the devices that can control the Apple TV

Avoid students to control the Apple TV when they shouldn’t do it by selecting which iOS devices will be able to manage the selected tvOS devices using the TV Remote app.

Level up your school’s Apple deployment

Find out how the most cost-effective MDM made for Education can enhance Apple deployments in schools with an exclusive feature set.

Reduce device management time using Bulk Operations

Reduce device management time using Bulk Operations

Operate on more than one device at the same time applying configurations such as update iOS, update all apps, and wallpaper ID in bulk.

Multi Operating System Support: iOS, macOS and tvOS

Multi Operating System Support: iOS, macOS and tvOS

Deploy and manage your schools’ iPads and Macs using one single mobile device management account.

Streamline device management by scheduling MDM profiles

Streamline device management by scheduling MDM profiles

Configure management profiles based on time, and our MDM servers will automatically apply and release them to the Apple devices.

tvOS Management solution free for all customers

tvOS Management solution free for all customers

We’re offering tvOS management completely free for all customers during the subscription period. Enroll as many Apple TVs as you’d like with tvOS 10.2+ and they will not count as licensed devices.

The best MDM solution to get the most out of all of Apple's programs and iOS features

Mosyle Manager does not merely support Apple's functionalities and programs; it was designed from the ground up to embrace and fully integrate with them. This approach took more time but enabled us to offer schools the best tools possible to fully leverage the Apple Classroom App, Apple School Manager (ASM) and Shared iPad devices. All of them with the flexibility of single or multiple accounts with no hassle—no matter if you are a small private school with one ASM account, or a district with 400 schools, all with different accounts, Mosyle Manager is always ready to provide the best experience of Apple features and programs.

Mosyle Manager integrates with Apple’s Deployment Programs

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