Easy iPad Program at your school with the best MDM for Education

Streamline iPad monitoring and managing with a perfectly balanced, robust and easy-to-use MDM solution made just for K-12 schools and districts.

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Manage your iPad fleet with Apple School Manager integration and unique MDM features

By integrating Mosyle Manager with the Apple School Manager account, you can quickly take inventory and view reports of the iPads. This also means that you gain instant access to relevant information across your managed iPads as well as commands and features that can be applied to multiple devices. View iOS device details such as model, applied profiles, assigned user, storage and battery level, serial number, OS version, and apps installed. You can even export the data from Mosyle Manager, send a command directly to the iPad, update the iOS of your DEP device, add tags for easy inventorying, turn on the Bluetooth and more.


Be notified when specific events occur across your managed iPad fleet. Receive an alert if a student has disabled the MDM, doesn’t have Internet connection or if a device is jailbroken.

User Authentication

Mosyle Manager MDM provides you with the opportunity to request user authentication to verify user assignment and identify which user is connected to which iPad.

Zero-touch deployment for IT and the best educational MDM tools for teachers

Enterprise MDM providers do not fit with the hierarchical structure of districts and schools to enable high level IT controls while allowing teacher controls. With Mosyle Manager’s intelligent hierarchy, IT can focus on device management and security at the district/school level while teachers manage content and student-device interaction at the classroom level.

Apple MDM features rethought for Education

Mosyle extends Apple’s MDM protocol functionality with self-developed features and commands necessary for robust, but still intuitive, and powerful management. Using Mosyle Manager MDM, schools and districts can experience all the mobile device management features available for iPads through a simple and intuitive interface. We've developed Mosyle Manager to provide iPad management based on the same flows, methods and organization that is used by K-12 institutions with all other educational solutions.

Custom management profiles

To make management of iPads in the classroom even better, you can create and apply management profiles for users based on grade levels, classes or by individual users.

Scalability for Apple deployments

Mosyle Manager is fully prepared to support and target any Apple deployment size - from 30 to 60,000+ devices - due to its flexible structure and dynamic settings for K-12 Schools.

Make sure you're COPPA compliant

Easily manage and control all website and app access to meet CIPA and COPPA requirements to ensure user safety. Quickly allow educational content while blocking anything inappropriate.

Schedule your MDM profiles

Configure management profiles based on time and our MDM servers will automatically apply them based on the time parameters you set, on any schedule – whether before, during or after school.

Easily manage BYOD deployments

Manage student-owned (BYOD) devices using Apple's User Enrollment to support a cutting-edge and beneficial learning environment while still complying with school IT and security policies.

Import your hierarchy with AD

Fully integrate the Apple mobile device management software solution with this directory service, providing seamless control over importing your school’s hierarchy and user authentication.

The most efficient support on the MDM market.

We’ve raised the support experience to a brand new level by combining extremely well-qualified agents, all specializing in the education market, with state of the art technologies. Our smart ticketing system provide us with a great starting point to ensure your questions or concerns are resolved quickly –with structured logs, our support specialists can get back to you quickly and through any/all necessary communication channels (ticket, phone call, web conference, screen share). This method empowers our support team to assist and resolve any questions or issues in record time, with high effectiveness. And the result: 4.99 out of 5 satisfaction rate among our customers.

Mosyle Manager Premium offers the most reliable support for schools and districts

Rapid and easy device enrollment processes and flows

Enrollment in Mosyle Manager mobile device management (MDM) has been designed to be a simple, user friendly process based solely on the differing deployment models utilized by educational institutions. To make your life easier, we have a few options for enrollment - Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) and Apple School Manager, Automated Enrollment, Supervision Identity, Apple Configurator 2, user-driven enrollment through URL or access code, and grouping of shared devices in carts or labs.

We offer special features for large-scale deployments

Tools to support deployments of any size that can scale from the smallest single schools to the largest multi-location districts by gathering all schools in a single environment. Unlimited accounts can be connected and displayed within Mosyle, providing users with a greater scope and information to easily access each and every one of them. We have a dedicated team who can provide Deployment Coaching and On-Boarding assistance, as well as provide ongoing support throughout every step of the implementation.

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The best MDM solution to get the most out of all of Apple's programs

Mosyle Manager does not merely support Apple's functionalities and programs; it was designed from the ground up to embrace and fully integrate with them. This approach took more time but enabled us to offer schools the best tools possible to fully leverage the Apple Classroom App, Apple School Manager (ASM) and Shared iPad devices. All of them with the flexibility of single or multiple accounts with no hassle—no matter if you are a small private school with one ASM account, or a district with 400 schools, all with different accounts, Mosyle Manager is always ready to provide the best experience of Apple features and programs.

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