Technology's Role in Education

Technology's Role in Education

Mosyle Team
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Over the first season of MDM On The Road, we experienced a lot of great things from the schools and districts that we visited across the United States. This is the fourth short-episode from a small series called “Lessons Learned From The Road” that takes us back to the important thoughts shared on our first season.

In this video we take a look at Technology’s role in Education and getting some awesome insight from some of our featured educators from Cardinal Gibbons High School, Mary Help Christians Academy, Cupertino Union School District and Varmond school.

“You can’t say education and not say technology in the next breath, the two go hand in hand.” Said Thomas Mahon - Assistant Principal of Cardinal Gibbons High School about working with Mosyle Manager MDM.

Take a look at our video below and see what the other educators had to say about working with an MDM for education and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Video Transcript

Thomas Mahon, Assistant Principal of Cardinal Gibbons High School: Technology is just so critical to education. You can’t say education and not say technology in the next breath, the two go hand in hand.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: We’ve had a great first season of “MDM On The Road” and we’ve been able to visit some amazing schools doing transformative work with Apple Products. Reflecting back on everyone we spoke to and everything we saw, a few themes developed.

So we put together some Lessons learned from the road. Today we are going to look at Technology’s role in Education. Technology continues to be implemented in classrooms around the world. Schools have been seeing great success! Let’s take a look back at some of the insights shared by school leaders.

Elizabeth Manzella, Assistant Principal of Mary Help of Christians Academy: I think of technology as a tool that can be integrated with some traditional methods. I feel that the old and the new can come together to create an environment where the student can adapt in any company, career or work situation. I think that needs to be created in the classroom so that they aren’t dependent on any one thing but, they can act in a way that is appropriate for the work they are doing, at the time. 100% technology, I don’t think is the answer. But, I think a mix empowers the student so that they can handle anything.

Erin Lindsey, Instructional Technology Coordinator of Cupertino Union School District: I think professional learning is a vital piece of helping teachers become more comfortable and confident. When we go out and we are helping teachers learn a new tool, we want to be able to hear from them about how they think the tool can be used in their classroom.

We want it to be fun and give them a chance to experiment and reflect on what they’re doing with the tool so they can go back into the classroom and provide that same experience to their students.

Mimy Valencia, Chief Inspiration Officer of Knotion: There’s this huge paradigm that technology is helpful in every industry, except in education. Because it makes us feel safe as adults, that our children learn the same way we learned. We believe that they’re going to use technology wrong or maybe it is because it hasn’t been proven that it can be used efficiently.

There are a lot of examples where integration of technology really changed the methodology of the classroom, but above all--it erases the classroom walls, and to me is the most powerful thing you can do with technology. The world becomes your classroom, so we are very hopeful that here we’re starting to instill the foundation of the best generation that humankind has ever known.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: Mobile Device Management greatly supports the increased use of technology in the classroom. Mosyle Manager is proud to be a solution made specifically for schools.

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