The Role of Instructional Technologists in Schools

The Role of Instructional Technologists in Schools

Mosyle Team
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Over the first season of MDM On The Road, we experienced a lot of great things from the schools and districts that we visited across the United States. This is the first short-episode called “Lessons Learned From The Road” that takes us back to the last season and the important thoughts shared by IT administrators, educators and principals about educational technology.

In this video we take a look at great insights about the important role of the technology team in educational institutions. Some of the featured educators from Tuckerton Elementary School, Cardinal Gibbons High School and St. Petersburg Catholic High School shared how the IT administrators are able to deploy the cutting-edge technology, making teachers' lives easier to better use EdTech tools during classes and teach students with different learning patterns.

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Video Transcript

Ross Bubolz, Principal of St. Petersburg Catholic High School - Having Technology Staff on hand on a daily basis is absolutely critical to success of the program.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle - We’ve had a great first season of “MDM On The Road” and we’ve been able to visit some amazing schools doing transformative work with Apple products. Reflecting back on everyone we spoke to and everything we saw, a few themes developed. So we put together some Lessons learned from the road. Today we are going to look back at the Important Role of Instructional Technologists in schools.

A successful deployment has many critical components, and one of those are the people supporting the teachers and managing the devices. Let’s take a look back at some of the opinions shared by our feature educators.

Ross Bubolz, Principal of St. Petersburg Catholic High School - Having been a principal who had very little technical support, I’ve seen first hand how detrimental it can be to the staff ability to use it and their attitudes toward it—towards using technology in the classroom.

Thomas Mahon, Assistant Principal of Cardinal Gibbons High School - As administrators we have to take the long view, we have to point in the direction we want to move. But, your technology people are so critical. They get you the best deals on devices, they stay current on the cutting edge technology in terms of apps, in terms of hardware and software. You need to work—-as administration, very closely with your tech people. It is vital that you do that.

Kyle Calderwood, Technology Director of Tuckerton Elementary - My role here is a little different than normal schools, where I’m also not only the IT Admin here, but I’m also the Technology Coach for the teachers. Using something like Mosyle allows me to jump more into the Tech Coach role, and not become the wizard behind the curtain of a straight IT Admin.

Fredy Padovan: Chief Inspiration Officer - Remember Mosyle is always here to support you from on boarding to ongoing technical assistant. You’re one help ticket away from tapping into our greatest resource.

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