Measuring Ed Tech's Return on Investment - updated

Measuring Ed Tech's Return on Investment - updated

Mosyle Team
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The benefits of using technology hand in hand with education is more than just learning the content inside the classroom, but it definitely allows both the teachers and students to learn more about the technology itself and apply multiple soft skills in real world situations.

To enjoy all the benefits technology can bring to education, schools and districts can invest their budgets both on implementing powerful, easy-to-use devices such as the iPad and Mac devices, and different educational applications and softwares. But how do you measure if the investment in Education Technology is worth it for students, teachers and the K-12 institution itself?

In order to get started with answering this question, we will go over a few tips that can help you analyze the benefits of Education Technology and measure the ROI in your K-12 institution, school or district. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Measuring benefits of Technology in Education

When it comes to the integration of Education Technology in schools, there are certain questions the school will ask itself. How will this benefit learning? How much of an investment will EdTech be? When will they see the benefits? These questions can lead to potential reasons for deciding to integrate Education Technology into the school like budgetary reasons, technology goals previously defined or the lack of staff to help with the integration step.

There are a few ways to measure the Return On Investment (ROI) on education technology, and usually the first thought that comes to mind is testing. Instructional assessment can be one of the tools when measuring the ROI on educational technology applications or devices. Based on testing and exams, the school or district will be able to see how these tools can impact the students performance.

Another important indicator for measuring the ROI on Education Technology in K-12 institutions is analyzing the overall use of technology, the student and teacher engagement, and the overall culture of the school and the benefits that the school or district will see, will be a more engaged student base and a more interactive learning experience.

For example, when students are using the Apple devices in school for classwork, projects, and in some cases even taking it home for homework, they are learning more than just the content.

It allows the students to learn real world experiences like working in group projects and presenting to the class, increased engagement and improved creativity. These are just a few of the real world benefits that students can learn from using technology for education and apply to their everyday lives.

When in place in the school or district, teachers will be able to better teach the students, create a more engaged class period and an even a better way of keeping students’ attention.

They can also request certain apps that they think can better help their classes, based on certain learning styles of the students. They can lock students within certain apps to ensure that they finish their classwork or assignment and limit distractions, making a positive impact in students development and engagement.

It’s no secret that MDM solutions save time, and that is a valuable ROI that can affect other aspects of the classroom for both teachers, students and IT professionals. Just check out how this Texas school district cut down their computer prep time from one month to one week. Investing in MDM can in turn produce more added benefits because reducing the time it takes to set up devices means more time can be spent on getting into the day’s lesson plan, allowing teachers to help students remain motivated and inspired to learn.

All of these results can be used as metrics to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of using Education Technology tools in schools and districts. Having metrics about the amount of applications installed, student and teacher engagement, and keeping track of technology use is critical when thinking about measuring Ed Tech's ROI.

One of the software solutions that can help IT administrators in schools and districts on this task is the mobile device management solution by not only streamlining hardware and content deployment, but also supporting them to get device inventory, making sure technology is running smoothly in the educational environment, and keep track of critical educational tools. You can learn more about what is an MDM solution here.

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