How iPadOS will impact your iPad Program at School

How iPadOS will impact your iPad Program at School

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

iPad devices are an important tool for technology in Education, and with the new updates to iPadOS, there are now more features than ever to help implement new learning techniques.

The new features in iPadOS allow students and teachers to use their iPad devices in an easier and more efficient way than ever before. With updates that allow for multiple apps to be viewed at the same time, a keyboard that you can swipe through and new tools to make editing documents and PDfs quick and simple.

In this article, we will take a look at how iPad devices in the classroom will be improved with the new iPadOS and give an in-depth look at some of the most useful new features for iPad devices in education, as well as provide details on new tools such as Multitasking, Text Editing, Files and more.

Multitasking with Slide Over and Split View

Multitasking is one of the most extensive features released with iPadOS. Now you can keep multiple applications open at once and quickly slide between them with Slide Over. This allows you to either swipe up or along the bottom to see all of the apps that are open, as well as access your favorites. When you’re done, you can easily close the windows through App Switcher, or even make an app full screen by sliding it to the top in Slide Over.

Split View is another great way to multitask, as you can open several windows at the same time. You can drag different apps to create the windows, or even open different windows from within the same app. For example, if students need to work on two Notes or Pages, view a Keynote presentation and a Word document at the same time, or even work on several projects within the same app, they can do so using Split View.

Other new features of Multitasking include App Expose, which shows all of the windows that are open from a single app, and App Switcher, which shows all the windows open for every app.

Home screen with Dock and Today View

The new Home Screen redesign is great for spacing. It allows you to have more apps on your screen than ever before, and you can now swipe up to view all widgets on your device. In addition to the layout, a new feature is Today View, where you can pin your favorite widgets to the Home Screen, such as Calendar, Notes, Pages and Shortcuts.

Text Editing

With better text editing, you no longer need a mouse to edit or look through your documents. With a swipe of their fingers, students can copy and paste text on their iPad, as well as scroll through long documents and Safari pages with Scroll Bar Scrubbing.

Navigation is also more intuitive, with touch allowing you to pick up the cursor and drag it where you want it with precision. You can now also quickly select text by dragging your finger over the section you want, as well as selecting specific words, sentences or whole paragraphs with just a few taps. This can be a useful tool for peer reviewing among students, as it allows them to edit text faster and smoother.


The Keyboard on iPad devices has been redesigned to make it easier than ever to type on your screen. QuickPath has been updated to allow you to swipe through letters as you type, so you don’t even have to take your hand off of the screen. With this, you can also type or swipe interchangeably throughout your document, choosing whichever way is best for you.

A great new feature of Keyboard comes with being able to move it around the screen wherever you want, so you can view different areas of your document or Safari, as well as make more room for apps.

Additional new features include Alternate Word Options, which provides the ability to choose from a variety of synonyms for a typed, which can be great for students to enhance their vocabulary, create better projects and write longer documents in an easier way.


The updates to Files will optimize devices for a better and smoother for teachers and students. The new Column View will allow for easier access to documents, reports and PDF files by displaying previews of what the documents contain with new, rich metadata.

File storage has been upgraded to not only allow iCloud Drive folder sharing between devices, but also has the ability to create folders on the drive, add favorites, as well as zip and unzip files for easy access. With the new iPadOS, you can now also retrieve files from external drives, such as a USB or SD card so that documents and projects can be easily passed between devices. If a student needs to download photos, documents or files on their device through Safari, the files can be accessed through the new Downloads Folder.

A great new feature of Files is the Document Scanner, which is great for teachers who have physical copies of syllabi or tests, or even want to scan pages from a textbook. The Document Scanner allows you to create digital copies and store them in the location of your choice for easy access.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has been optimized to let Motion Capture integrate a person’s movements within their apps. There are new green screen type applications, which allows all content from Augmented Reality to appear in front of or behind the user for a more immersive experience. This can be an especially useful tool for early education, as young kids can understand the concept of shapes and colors more clearly.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security is always essential for managing devices, and this new iPadOS upgrade brought even more enhancements. With App Location Permissions, you can control the location data you share through any app, and grant it permission to access your location if you choose. There are also new location controls for sharing where you are when sending a photo. Along with that, there comes App Location Transparency, in which you can receive notifications when an app is using your location in the background.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth privacy has also been updated. API changes and new controls will help prevent apps from accessing your location while using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your device.

With the new Privacy and Security settings, you can also start User Enrollment, specifically within BYOD devices, to ensure that personal data and information is kept safe. User Enrollment provides the IT department with tools to protect end-user’s privacy on their devices. Instead of going through the device itself, the team can use the MDM solution to manage the fleet for an enjoyable BYOD experience.

Learn more about User Enrollment here.

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